TiPb Give Away: XBMC Streamer for iPhone

We heart XBMC, which debuted as a gorgeous and highly polished replacement OS on the original XBox, and has grown up to be the go-to media center for all types of gear now (and is the background technology behind Boxee to boot!). So what could be better than a killer open-source media center? A killer open-source media-center you can now access via your iPhone with XBMC Streamer [iTunes link], of course!

The XBMC Streamer connects to a running XBMC host and streams your music from your house, to you... anywhere in the world! You will never have to worry about running out of space on your Iphone again. Never again will you have to pick and choose which albums to take with you and which albums to leave at home. The XBMC Streamer gives you access to every song, artist, and album in your XBMC library.

And what's even better than all this? The awesome folks at Collect3 have given TiPb three (3) promo codes to give to you! Just head on over to our forums and tell us the most embarrassing song in your media collection. That's right! We want the best of your worst!

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TiPb Give Away: XBMC Streamer for iPhone


oh wait haha i'm an idiot. so i signed up for the forums about 15 minutes ago so i could do this guy correctly and still no validation email... help?

Actually, XBMC debuted on the original Xbox as a buggy, nearly unusable layer on top of MPlayer. It took quite a while before XBMC could even stream from SMB shares without crashing (I remember it well).
It's been all uphill from there, though. Can't believe it's been 7 years already.