TiPb Giveaway: Slacker Radio Plus Offers 10 Readers 1 Month Free!

The kind folks at Slacker have offered up 1 month of Slacker Radio Plus -- their premium service that removes the ads and bolts on more personalization options -- absolutely FREE to you, the TiPb faithful (or at least 10 of you!).

Here's what you need to do:

  • Download and install the free Slacker App for iPhone
  • Head on over to the TiPb forum and post on the Slacker give-away thread
  • Sit back and (if ya win!) enjoy your free month of Slacker Radio Plus!

Get to it!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TiPb Giveaway: Slacker Radio Plus Offers 10 Readers 1 Month Free!


Favorite Aspect:
I love how it’s a one click app that quickly gets me to the music that I love and relax too. To be completely honest, I have an ipod, yet I use Slacker than my own iTunes library for music because of its ease and new songs constantly being added.
New Improvements:
I sometimes get to doing work and leave Slacker running. After so long, it’ll time out and ask me if I’m still there. Of course I am! I’m just doing work, and that’s why I haven’t disturbed it in a while. I understand the implimentation of this, but one of the main draws of Slacker is so few clicks to get to what I want listen to in the backround. This makes me stop and remind my device that I’m still present.
Where I listen to Slacker the most:
I’m an accounting major at The Pennsylvania State University. This afternoon is a great example. I’ve been working on a very difficult business combination case study. I put Slacker on in my room and listen to it in the backround to keep me motivated while I work on the case. It really helps me unwined when I hit very struggling parts to the case. I actually heard about this givea-way on Twitter after I completed my case and saw Slacker post about this give-away.
I love Slacker after I’ve heard about it when it was announced first for the Bold back in the Summer of 2008. I use it all the time on my iTouch. Thanks Slacker!