TiPb Giveaway: twitkitteh for iPhone

We can't tell if twittkitteh (iTunes Link) is shrewd marketing or wicked satire at the state of the App Store and Twitter. We suspect it's equal parts both, finished with a good shot of lulz.

Says developer James Thomson:

Twitkitteh is, quite simply, the first Twitter application written specifically for cats.

For many years, cats have been unfairly excluded from this social networking phenomenon, but we at TLA Systems believe it is finally time to change that.

Designed from the ground up for the iPhone, and featuring a simple multi-paw interface, Twitkitteh allows your cat to post insightful comments to Twitter on a wide variety of subjects - all without the tiresome inconvenience of learning to type first.

Your cat deserves a voice on the Internet, and Twitkitteh is that voice.

Welcome to Cat 2.0.

Brilliant, and what's even more brilliant is he's giving away two (2) copies to our faithful TiPb readers. Just drop a twitkitteh-inspired comment (and be sure to include a real email address, we won't make it public but we will use it to notify you if you win!). Get to it!

(Note: Unfortunately, Promo Codes only work in the US App Store, so if you don't have access, you won't be able to claim a prize.)

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Reader comments

TiPb Giveaway: twitkitteh for iPhone


Since I already have the ultimate email address this app would complete my fur-baby's gadget appetite. Catnip and an iPhone app. That's PURRRRRR-fect!!!

Trying to show my cat this but he keeps playing with the damn mouse. Anyway I know he'd like it if he'd just stop acting like he's got A.D.D.

I have two kittehs- one all white and one all black, so this app will be ideal for BOTH of them to begin tweeting their Basement Cat vs. Ceiling Cat feuds!
Thanks for creating this app!

5 cats. 4 guys. 1 girl. Just imagine the paws flying as they twitter anxiously about a) birdies b) food c) catnip d) food e) mouse toys f) food g) scratchies h) food i) naptime j) food g) shoestrings! h) food i) bottlecaps j) food k) socks! l) food m) wrestling n) food o) gay fuzzy slipper humping p) food q) gay fuzzy humping of other guy cat (both fixed) r) food s) floor rolling as art t) food u) pouncing on human's butt v) food w) poop time x) food y) poop on floor time, because the're still no... z) FOOD!!!