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Join Dieter, Leanna and Rene for our final wrap up of iPad launch 2010! If you have any questions, leave a comment below, hit us up on Twitter @tipb, or better still -- join us live in the chat room via http://www.imore.com/live

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  • Example: "Hi, this is Eric Schmidt from Mountain View, my favorite app is Mail, and my favorite podcast is TiPb Live!"

REMINDER: You can watch us live on your iPhone with the Ustream Viewer app [Free - iTunes link]. Just wait until the show starts (8pm ET) and search for iPhone. We'll pop up. Literally.

Chat with you soon!

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EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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TiPb Live! Tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT (1am GMT)


Apple booked a room at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco for June 22nd, do you think the 4th gen iPhone will be shown then?

Yeah, this is the second week in a row for me that Ustream has not streamed the live show(couldn't try it 3 weeks ago). Tried 'iPhone', 'tiPb', looked through all the live shows, and this show is not there. Never had a problem viewing it with Ustream before. I'm not even sure Rene knows about this as I haven't seen any mention of this issue on the blog.

I updated ustream yesterday and can't view tipb, but I watched on the iPhone last week prior to updated.

I would like to know everyones thoughts on the 3GS price once the 4G comes out. Will we see a huge drop off or will the 4G's price point be higher and keep the 3GS about the same?

Someone on the podcast said that there is little need for notifications to be improved much for rapid notifications and that one would, supposedly, have to go to the app to see the content of the notification, anyway. The was also the suggestion or implication that few people would have too many notifications for the current system to be much of a problem.
Revisit the Palm Pre. When multitasking with im's or text messages, a common enough use, one can get notifications often AND see much of the content of the message from the notification itself.
That is what substantive multitasking provides the end user. It's funkin sexy is what it is.

Agreed. The notification system on the Nexus One Android allows storage of essentially an unlimited number of notifications with a sufficient level of detail that you don't even have to look at most of them.
Its not that the iPhone doesn't have notifications, that work well, its just that the stacked pop-ups are unmanageable. You have to deal with them as they come.

Why are people fixating on cars for the remote ui - I want this built into iPhone/iPod docks for home stereos/theaters.

That was Chad the ultimate Apple fanboy claiming that the iPhone notification system was just fine. He also claimed the iPhone didnt need multitasking right up until Steve gave it to him. His fanboyism is so extreme he is almost a caricture.

@Freaknasty I wouldn't be too overly harsh in your criticism. I think Chad has given adequate credit where it is due including acknowledging that webOS's notification system is far better than the iphone's. Also he has admitted in the past that he would like the ability to stream slacker in the background which is probably going to be the most real multitasking that the mass majority of iPhone users are going to use anyway. Not saying I personally like that viewpoint (I am jail broken and use backgrounder religiously) but I can certainly understand where he's coming from at least.

I'm surprised the podcast still isn't posted yet on TiPb but Google reader has it up already. Yeah though I have to agree, I don't think I wanna live in his lil bubble world where he thinks flash is dead. In that nice lil bubble he must be thinking computers don't exist because I don't see flash dying since PC's dominate over the smartphones. As for porting apps take alot more work? Hmm then Gameloft must be magicians as they make it seem very easy to port iPhone games to the webOS. Nah, probably just webOS is easy to work with and make it easy to bring apps over. I do love me some AIR app mostly because of TweetDeck, its such a great app to have.

@Nick You bring up great points about Flash. I agree that Flash is certainly here to stay on the massive user base of the personal computer - including innumerable desktops and laptops. However the current battleground and war being waged is in the mobile space. Mobile devices occupy a significant proportion of the tech industry's mindshare and the iPad in particular is a powerful blow to Adobe's future and potential to grow. In any case, If I were Eric Schmidt, I would be getting on the phone with Adobe's CEO asap.

Hi, I'm a first time listener of the podcast and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought I would share my opinion with you.
I beleive you missed an important point on the the Podcast when talking about flash in the mobile world: Nokia and the Maemo/Meego platform. You can ACTUALY play flash games or videos perfectly on the Nokia N900 (I have, and it plays quite smoothly)
Just look at this video of someone trying out some games on his N900 and see for yourself:
Anyway, about Adobe... it's not a good thing when someone imposes their own standards for their own purpose. We are in a PDF document world because of that. Although I don't like the way Apple handles it (mostly for its own interest), maybe it's the only way to move on to a more open standards based web.
I'll be listening for your past episodes and waiting for the next one.

Well I forgot about the notifications rant from Chad and I don't know but I'm guessing not everyone stays awake like he does, that's why he is fine with notifications. For us mere mortals who sleep, yeah, we will miss the notifications that come through. It be nice to have a central area to see what notifications ya missed while you were busy.

@Georgia couldn't help but notice you mentioning NOVA HD a couple times in the podcast. I finally gave in and am now downloading. I recently sold my xbox and so my days of H3 are over... but that sure as hell doesn't mean I'm gonna be giving up FPS any time soon :)