TiPb at Macworld 2010 Next Week -- Join Us and Save!


TiPb heads off to Macworld 2010 in San Francisco next week, and we'll bring you back all the latest in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad news, apps, accessories. I'll be there most of the week, from Conference to Expo, and Leanna will be joining in for the Expo this year as well.

If you're a reader and you're at Macworld, be sure to catch us and say hi! If you're a developer with a great app you can't wait to show off, let us know where you are and we'll do everything we can to catch as many of you as we can as well.

Still not sure if you're coming to Macworld? IDG was kind enough to pass along a discount code for TiPb readers, good for $15 off the Expo or 15% off the Conference.

Here's what you're going to want to check out:

See you there!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TiPb at Macworld 2010 Next Week -- Join Us and Save!


Don’t care about the iPad. Any word on a Macbook or Macbook Pro refresh? Ready to hit that order button, but keep seeing rumors that new machines are on the horizon..

@Davie. I'm with you Dave. I'm dying to buy new MacBook pro but hearing too many rumors of refresh. Apparently apple refreshes them every 8 months. And we are at eight months on the ninth of February. Does anyone else have an insight into the refresh, other than directing me to the mac buyers guide?

iPad has its own damn event. What else do you need to know?
I, for one, am looking for a refresh of the 17" MacBook Pro, which is bound to happen sooner rather than later, as seemingly most of the other manufacturers carry the Mobile Core i5/i7 CPU's. What I'm really hoping for is IPS!
I'll switch to the MacBook from my ThinkPad W700 in a New York minute, the last of the ThinkPad's not already refreshed, if Apple will only add IPS to the MBP. The iMac got IPS on its 21.5" and 27" displays, and the forthcoming iPad will also have IPS at 9.7", so one would think that the we can get a 17" MBP w/ IPS (or all of them including the 13" and 15").
Make my day Stev-oh! I changed to the iPhone 3GS after OS 3.1. I'm seriously considering the iPad on a "why not" basis. Give us IPS for the MacBook's, and you'll get $2,500 of my dollars without a second's hesitation. ;)