TiPb at Macworld Expo 2009

Next week is the first big Apple show of the year, and it's also Apple's last Macworld appearance, and the first not to be keynoted by Steve Jobs since his triumphant return to the company he founded.

But while his Steveness may not be there, Dieter and I (and maybe some of our writers) will be, bringing you our usual coverage of the Schiller-note (how weird does that look?!) and the show floor.

And if you happen to be there as well, please make it a point to say hello. If you're curious what we're up to, you can follow us on Twitter: @backlon and @reneritchie, or email us via news@theiphoneblog.com.

(If our blogging schedule looks a little wonky next week, please forgive us in advance, we expect things may be a little hectic).

We look forward to seeing everyone there, and reporting back for everyone at home, especially if we get to see a new iPhone firmware or... hardware SKU?

Anyone care to make any predictions in advance?

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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TiPb at Macworld Expo 2009

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I don't think we'll be seeing anything major coming. If that was the case, then why wouldn't Steve Jobs be doing it himself?

I wonder if people will still be lining up at 4am for the keynote? It sucks for those people who paid extra just to see the keynote with Steve, only to have him not do it.

Maybe there is going to be a big announcement. Having Schiller do it could be a good way to pass the torch. It would show that Apple doesn't need Steve Jobs to be the leader in the industry.

Stefan: That could very well be true.
I just hope whomever does take over for Jobs, whenever that day comes, he or she doesn't listen to all of these ridiculous PC-users' and BlackBerry-users' suggestions. That's what concerns me the most. It would be all over for Apple if they started making sloppy, cumbersome junk like the other companies. I hope they find another stubborn imagineer like Jobs, who places beauty and design on the same priority level as technology. They already has the talent, they'd just need that same type of leadership.

I believe Schiller announced the plastic version of the current iMac form factor during Jobs' absence a couple years back. Also handled MobileMe last time.

To me I think that the right person for the job after Steve leaves (hopefully not for a long time!) should be Scott Forstall

I think we'll see major updates for the iPhone. I can't wait for my new 17" MacBook Pro. I think if there were any new products, like iPhone nano, or iTablet, the rumors would've been mostly confirmed by now.
I think Phil does a good enough job, and he'll get better at it. The only thing that annoys me now is how slow and repetitive he seems sometimes... as if he thinks we missed his point the first two times.