TiPb Poll: What Will We See at "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Special Apple Music Event?

It's only rock and roll but we like it

This Wednesday, September 9, Apple will present "It's only rock and roll, but we like it", their annual special music event that typically focuses on iPods and the iTunes ecosystem.

Expected to be seen are iTunes 9 with social networking and iPhone app management, 3rd generation iPod touch with camera, and iPod nano and iPod classic with with camera to be in the lineup.

"Cocktail" album packages, the usual Beatles on iTunes rumors, and of course iPhone OS 3.1.

TiPb will be doing our usual live meta-blog, and following it up with our weekly iPhone Live! podcast. But that's then, this is now. We want to know what you think we'll see. (Drop any details you might want to add into the comments!)

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TiPb Poll: What Will We See at "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Special Apple Music Event?


The math on this poll isn't really correct. Each person should be counted as one vote, not every box every person checks. The percentages are all too low.

I personally think that there will be some crazy new iPod replacing the iPod classic or a cimpletly new for factor that appeals to the same group of iPod classic users. And of course all of the other speculation and iPhone 3.1.

Can't wait to see if iTunes has app-management options. I can see a camera in a new Touch, but not the nano.

Almost certainly the Beatles, the same day that the remastered albums come out is deliberate.
3.1 and new iPods with camera as well

I say, in this order, sales figures, 3.1, iTunes 9 (but with no SN features) which comes out that day, Cocktail, stock ringtones, classic 2g with camera, nano 5g with camera, touch 3g with camera, shuffle price drop, new Apple TV (just in time for the new season), and finally, Steve onstage with Paul McCartney and possibly Yoko Ono to announce immediate availability of the entire remastered Beatles catalog on iTunes in Cocktail.
Oh, and world peace.

Don't care about ipods. Or their music event. But you have to hand it to Apple for tying in interest to the iphone. Because i'll be watching it for the details :)

I want the app management, but could care less about social networking unless they introduce iChat to compete with BBM.

well obviously there's the iPod touch will be a major feature . . . if you look at the pic that's the type of iPod she's holding.

It is very bad form to combine 3G processor and camera and leave it as the only option for the iPod touch. You took something that is almost certain and combined it with something incredibly unlikely just to minipulate a response.

Oh, forgot something from my prediction: OS3.1's iPod/Music app will be fully Cocktail-compatible as will the new Apple TV firmware and iTunes 9. Also, new Apple TV will have a drastic price drop. iTunes 9 will include support for the multitouch (Apple TV) controls in Remote, as will the newest version of Front Row.
Not expecting this to happen, but Hulu on Apple TV would be awesome. Hulu that integrates with your pre-existing library would be really awesome. And all that plus video input with a built-in HD DVR that autosyncs OTA to iTunes via Bonjour… That. Would. Be. Awesome. I may actually buy an Apple TV if this happens. Maybe.
Also, really not expecting this to happen, but OTA iTunes syncing through MobileMe.

I believe the iPod Classic will be discontinued, and will be replaced by an iPod Touch with a 128gb solid state drive, along with the usual 16gb, 32gb and 64gb flash memory models. Only problem is, are the 128gb solid state drives now small and cheap enough to put into an iPod Touch or similar product?

If Apple ups the ante to 128 GB on the Touch, then I agree, the Classic is gone. But I think that's unlikely. It will increase to 64 GB and come in 32 GB and 8 GB flavors as well, but the Classic will stick around for another year at 160 GB. It won't be until next year that the Touch ultimately replaces the Classic.

Considering the price of HDDs compared to SSDs, I'd rather have an HDD-based touch.
I had a 30GB HDD-based Creative Zen Xtra for five years. The HDD never failed me once. By the end of those 5 years, the faceplate/battery cover was held on with Krazy Glue and I had to downgrade Windows Media Player just so the last firmware update that I did wouldn't brick it. But the HDD still worked.

A hard drive would double the thickness of the Touch. Also, solid state drives have every advantage over platters.

Except price and capacity.
If I can get a video subscription (or if DVD ripping is legalized) then my touch could be 2 inches thick and I wouldn't care.

^ Except price and capacity.
If I can get a video subscription (or if DVD ripping is legalized) then my touch could be 2 inches thick and I wouldn't care.