TiPb TeleNav Contest Winners


Both TiPb and TeleNav are here at CES, so when better to announced the winners of our AT&T Navigator Give Away?

Grand prize winner: @JBaby_9783!

Congrats! You win the grand prize consisting of the "Ultimate Car Pack" which includes one year of AT&T Navigator (Approximate Retail Value ("ARV"): $69.99), a dashboard mount for a cell phone (ARV: $25), a mobile phone charger (ARV: $20), a $100 gift certificate to the iPhone Blog iPhone Store, and a $100 donation in their name to Toys for Tots. – (Total ARV of grand prize: $214.99)

Second place winners: @rmt5034 and @sgold2061!

Congrats! You receive a one-year subscription to AT&T Navigator. (ARV: $69.99 each) All prizes will be awarded.

Thanks again to TeleNav for teaming with TiPb for this give away! Happy 2010!

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TiPb TeleNav Contest Winners


J-Baby, you shouldn't win based solely on the fact you have a gay sounding nickname.
Just kidding, enjoy.