TiPb TV 24: Back to the iPhone 4S future

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Georgia and Rene go back to the future to discuss the features of the new iPhone 4S and whether or not they make for a compelling upgrade for existing iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS owners. This is TiPb TV!

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Special thanks to Barry for the loan of the DeLorean and to Anthony for the camera work. And to the TiPb iPhone 4S Accessory Store for sponsoring the show!

TiPb TV 24: Back to the iPhone 4S future

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Reader comments

TiPb TV 24: Back to the iPhone 4S future


There's not going to be an "iPhone 5". The iP4S is the 5th iPhone, so there will never be an iPhone 5.
The next iPhone with either be an iPhone 4G, or it'll be the iPhone 6. I hate when people say that they're looking forward to the iPhone 5; it's already here.

actually the 3g and 3gs did not throw it out of whack:
iphone first gen , was iPhone 1
iphone 3g was iphone 2
iphone 3gs was iphone 3
iphone 4 , was iphone 4
iphone 4s is iphone 5
and next one will be iphone 6 of iphone 4G .
Pretty simple , is you can keep up with each generation and simple math ;) There wont be an iPhone 5, cause the next one is the 6th gen iPhone :)

technically You're wrong. Its a new phone!
Of course any new iPhone is an updated phone compared to the last one, Mr Holmes ;) ;) Next iphone will be anything BUT iphone 5 ;)

No, I'm not wrong. Read "Asdollah Mirza's" response.
And if you want to get technical, the iPhone 3G was just an update, not a new phone. Look at the model numbers in the firmware to see.

I always love it when the delorean is used. I have a unique opportunity to see them daily since I live just around the corner from the DMC right here in north Houston. By the way you should check out the new electric delorean with iPhone dock on the radio.

Pretty funny stuff :) As an ironic side note, the Delorean was also said to have battery drainage issues... sounds familiar?

Agreed. It would be great to see some of these extracurricular programs scaled back or eliminated all together and get back to producing a quality episode of iPhone Live or iPad Live. And perhaps switch up the contributors too. Seth Clifford more times than not appears he has better things to do than the webcast (no offense, Seth).

How can anyone not like this? What is wrong with someone who can't enjoy a little light fluffy piece every once in awhile. C'mon there is a DeLorean in it, and Rene and Georgia were hilarious!

Agreed, is was funny, informative, and had a DeLorean in it. I will have the IPhone 4s in about 3 days and OMG what an upgrade to my IPhone 3G (no S). Not to mention that I'll actually have a signal now that I switched from AT&T to Verizon. ;p

For those of us who grew up watching Back To The Future, remember that moment when the DeLorean lifted off the ground and took to the skies, weren't you excited as f****?!?!
Maybe in 2155 we'll get there...

Y'all really need some microphones and people competent to use them properly when doing video around here... smh.

To accurately answer your question, the vehicle shown in the Independently filmed section of this, should be a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. This is discernible by noticing the grooved or creased hood with the gas flap (small square just in front of the windshield) and that it has the early style leather door strap. Later models (1983 DeLoreans) would have had a canvas door strap and a flat hood without the gas flap. If you pay attention in the introductory scene where the DMC crashes through the trash cans (used from the actual Motion Picture), you should notice that the movie car's hood is flat, with no side creases, and there is not a gas flap at the driver side top of the hood. Most 1982 models had creased hoods, but they were less common, and partially through 1982 (if I'm not mistaken) there were some rare models that had the gas flap, yet the creases were left off.

Why is Doc Brown british....??? And where the "F" did you get a Delorean?? And if you tell me you own it I will have to code you King of All Us Geeks!! This was def enjoyable!