TiPb TV 5: To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak?

To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak, that is the question. Or more importantly, who should consider Jailbreaking and who would be better off with an Apple-pure iPhone. Most of our TiPb regulars have already know where they stand but for new users it can be a big decision. That's the topic for the fifth episode of our new, conversational video show, TiPb TV!

Rene and I go over the benefits and drawbacks of Jailbreak, the ability to customize, run Cydia apps and tweaks, and use your iPhone the way you want vs. the stability, protection, and simplicity Apple provides.

Maybe you want an iPhone that "just works" and you never have to spend any time on, or maybe you want to spend your time tweaking every last little pixel and setting. Either way, if you're considering Jailbreaking but just aren't sure check out the latest episode of TiPb TV and we'll help you decide!

TiPb TV 05: To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak

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Reader comments

TiPb TV 5: To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak?


Rene you look like you just woke up. I'm kind of with you on this though--I used to do it because I could; now I just don't wanna mess with it.

Thanks for taking my suggestion. Really loved the episode. No way Georgia is going back to a virgin iPhone once she discovers all that the jailbreak scene has to offer.

Georgia, of course you find it "fun", while Rene considers it a lot of work... you've only been jailbroken for a couple of weeks. If you're still jailbroken after iOS 7, let us know how fun it's been. ;-)

After installing sbsettings, lockinfo, and my3g... aint no way I'm going back to team-pure until those three things are natively part of iOS in some way. Those things are just too useful to me on a day-to-day basis to give up.
I'm with Rene on hating have to redo all the customizations after iOS updates but that is why I've stayed away from winterboard, infinifolders, infinidock, etc...

Georgia, do you have biteSMS?
if so, can you see yourself ever going back to the horrendous native sms app?

Jailbreaking is not a novice, or average consumer, topic. The fact that so many TiPbers jailbreak shows why this site is headed in the wrong direction—becoming too geek-oriented. Jailbreakers are a minority of iPhone owners.

The improvement in your dialogue, timing, ease of being in front of the camera, video examples and the experience of doing a few episodes together make these MUCH more fun to watch ... nice work! You play off each other really well, and I can finally listen to what you're teaching us.

Just because you're part of the iSheep crowd doesn't mean the rest of us have to be. Jobs doesn't want to give us specific features or ban an app from his store, fine! I'll jailbreak and make a good phone great. Get your head out of the sand.

Only reason why I come to this site... Is for the latest jailbreaks and tweaks from day one.

Average iPhone info can be found anywhere. I come to this site to learn new things. Mostly latest JB info and ninja tips. I think you guys have great content. I also think it's nice that you provide tons of info on advanced use as well as some info on basic stuff for new users. Well done. .....and I thank you.

You can learn alot about an operating system and its file structure and how it works if you jailbreak. It's a butt load of fun.

One question. How on earth does a grown man sit "Indian Style" for 8:05. Rene u the man. Sit like one.

I jailbreak for 2 apps 3G unrestritor, and iFiles. Their I mostly use 3G unrestrictor for full YouTube video, but I know that I can get them on safari through the m.YouTube.com. iFiles is convient because I like to send songs to my friends. With that I can now use Downloads and just download from there and then send it. It's not as conveient but works nonetheless. Jail braking is becoming less and less important to me especially has I find new apps to do what I need.

Thanks for all of the comments, we really do read each one and we try to make show better because of them.
Yes, I do use biteSMS and I find it is so much better than the stock text manager that comes on the iPhone.

Dear Georgia thanks for doing your hair and not looking like you just rolled out of bed. Glad you found your comb.

You guys are getting pretty good at this. How about a show on iPhone/pod external battery packs? Sleek and portable vs. Bigger and bulkier.

Jailbreaking is a must! the OS4.2 may be heading in the right direction but a "virgin" iphone is so limited. Even SBSettings alone gives an iphone 4 a completely different feel! not to mention winterboard, bitesms....the list is endless!!!
Keep up the good work Tipb! I wish I'd found you guys when I was learning how to jb.

I go to Europe on vacation and wish to use a local prepaid SIM when there.
Can I unlock my iPhone 4 OS 4.2 and use any SIM ? and once back in the US go back to as an original OS so it does not show up if I would have a problem with my phone later and have to bring it in at an Apple store ?

Okay the Jig is up. I'm on to your subliminal message. Red background behind Rene because he's the devil and white background behind Georgia because she's an angel.

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