TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G App Launch Battle Royal!

http://www.th Two iPhones, 6 apps. We know the iPhone 3G S is supposed to be "on average" 2x faster than the iPhone 3G, but stats are stats and what we're interested in is real-world usage. A few seconds here, a dozen or more there, and all of a sudden they add up to minutes.

In this video we launch apps on each iPhone 3.0 device at the same time, but imagine if every time the iPhone 3G S finished first, we immediately launched the next app. We wouldn't make you sit through that much iPhone 3G lag, but that makes the point.

Also, we put a few webpages into Safari, then launched a heavy app, waited for it to load, then exited and went back to Safari to see how many would still be in memory.

Let's just say, double the RAM makes more than double the difference...

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G App Launch Battle Royal!


oh I didn't know 3GS can keep more pages open!!
That's awesome!! >_>
Man the more I look at this thing the more badly I want it.

Great comparison? Not! So the 3GS is a good for games. Boring. Good thing I don't use my phone to play games. The person who did this review loves his games.

Yeah the 3GS has lots of new cool features that are not obvious...like the numeric battery which I believe is only available on the 3GS and not the 3G running 3.0. For sure I hope TiPB does a Top Non-Obvious 3GS Features list.

Ummm....... most of the apps didn't seem that much faster. Definitely waiting for the next gen.

  1. Don't be rude. It's not acceptable.
  2. I almost never play games, but a large portion of the audience does.
  3. I included apps like PCalc to show the 3G S launches those twice as fast.
  4. Many people use browsers so I included that ;)

The Sims was a great comparison. I played it on my first gen a lot - when I started it up on my 3G S... wow is all I can say.
I also did my own test with the web browser last night. I had open seven pages, including a javascript heavy page that used to crash my browser a lot on OS 2.something. Then, with those seven pages open, I clicked a youtube link off one, watched the video and came back. All seven windows still loaded :-D I am psyched about this.

Can you post a video launching some heavy use apps. Msgs, mail, safari, phone, a list, notes, news/rss etc. Also how those apps perform such as going into landscape mode in the key apps and such.
I like the gaming performance.

Yeah may not seem like much but during the time I had the 3g it lagged sometimes I have not noticed that with the s. It's quicker at loading and doesn't get bogged down.

Definitely the 3Gs is faster, especially if you have a big nasty App in the mix. It seems to take only one of those screws up lots of other apps.
I was amazed that some apps were virtually identical.
What about those apps we use most often, such as mail (and for Rene, a twitter app)? I can put up with an occasional dog, as long as the dog is not in my hourly list of things to do.
I wonder if the APP store should start warning users about those apps that really don't work well on the 3G?

I have a 3G and EA's Need for Speed was 2 seconds faster opening then your 3G S. Why would that be? No 2 phones are a like?

hmmm...cool but not yet worth shelling out the extra coin for a few seconds of more star wars playing time and a compass.
let me know when next gen comes.

The more video comparisons I see on your blog, the more I want the 3G S :) I'm almost starting to think my 3G is outdated...

Rene great job with the video. From using my 3GS for a few days, the difference is staggering. With push mail, safari with 6 tabs, ipod on, I still can play star defense or open heavy apps with ease with no lag AT ALL. To the people who think 3GS is not an upgrade, use it for a few days and trust me, you'll change your mind.

Good job Rene. I'm more and more interested in the 3Gs as each little "upgrade" comes to light, it seems now - a few weeks later - like a bigger update than it seemed initially.

Good job Rene! The 3GS is fast, but still not worth paying more than the sub. price. Can you imagine what the 4 gen phone will be like? I'm hoping with that phone we at least get a real upgrade.... Come on 2010

love your reviews. among the better ones out there :)
the non-reloading browser pages is def. a big plus! thanks for testing this!

Yeah its all nice and good, but unless I happen upon alot of extra spending money, I just don't see the need to upgrade now. Next's years iphone should be a killer

The whining over the price of the 3GS needs to stop. WE GET IT. YOU ARE BROKE AND CAN'T AFFORD A NEW PHONE.
Can you do some battery lifetime tests between the 3G and the 3GS??

Hey Joe, some of us think before we buy and decided the phone is not worth the upgrade, GET OVER IT!
Not all of us are so in love with the phone that we must spend our money on it even though it's advantages are minor.
Funny how some people have to rag on others to justify to themselves what they bought.

@Mike.. it really just depends on how heavy of a user you are. I started not to upgrade but I'm glad I did. Jumping in and out of apps is so much easier. This is the way the iphone is supposed to be. I've been putting my "i" through the wringer since launch day to see what I could break. Nothing yet.
If you aren't a heavy user, don't upgrade. If you are, it's mandatory.

Fair enough. I understand your point of view. I believe I use my iPhone a good amount but maybe not as much as you. It is a matter of perspective taken by the viewpoint of the user on this topic and it seems we have a good representation of both sides in this thread. It's just annoying when "Joe" up there acts intolerant of the people who disagree with him that I find annoying.