TiPb at WWDC 2010 - day one round up

WWDC 2010 Moscone exterior

WWDC 2010 certainly starting with a bang -- or boom in Apple parlance -- with almost more iPhone 4, iOS 4, and related news than we could keep up with. Almost. Here's a quick round up of what happened today, including Steve Jobs' triumphant return to the keynote stage.

We'll be here Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so if you're a developer email us at news(at)tipb(dot)com and drop on by, say hi, and amaze us with your apps. We're trying to fit in as many as possible.

iPhone 4

iOS 4


WWDC 2010

So, what was your favorite bit of iPhone news today? And what was your least favorite?

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TiPb at WWDC 2010 - day one round up


Nothing surprising here from this keynote, Thanks Gizmodo for ruining the surprise. :( It had everything I expected and nothing more. I thought for sure they would have had a different design but sadly, not the case.

I think it looks amazing, and I think the white one is gorgeous! I can't wait to preorder mine - AND the pink bumper! I know a lot of people were hoping for more, but all in all, I'm thrilled, and can't wait for June 24th!!

Honestly, I'm not an apple fan boy, but I am a fan of their phones. I've had my iPhone 3G since it's release and didn't think to get the 3gs because it didn't seem like much of an upgrade.
All I have to say is, when the Android phones started becoming popular, I wad very interested I'm their capabilities. I loved the incredible, but after waiting for this wwdc to come
to see if I'd switch, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
If anything now I realize, the android phones are just specification heavy. It's a laundry lift of features that are just that: a list. Apple has true quality and class.
Apple can stick with their one model a year release, because everyone else needs to keep developing. It's not for everyone, android is for people who are oblivious.
Who really cares that a phone has a 4.3 inch screen, when that phone is huge. Who cares about an 8 megapixel camera on a phone, it's phone!
Apple knows they have a quality product and caters to their customers that are loyal to what they try to produce. They don't need to respond to negative press because their product speeks it's own. 8 megapixel htc versus apples 5 and I'm sure apples picture is higher quality. They boast their screen because it's amazing. Exactly what they underline, the features will work seemlessly.
So to Android lovers and black berry users and palm users, go ahead and take the people switching, because the people who are fans of the iPhone will stay fans because to us, their just isn't any comparison. I would bet my life none of those platforms will ever surpass apple by any measure. Just check out the numbers.

It seems that now it boils down to personal preference, sort of like the difference between a Honda or Toyota. Both the iPhone 4 and the new Androids are are great choices. A win for the consumer!

I think that Angel was trying to express the difference between just 'specs' and tight realtionship between hardware and software.
That is key in the whole 'iPhone experience'.
Also, you have to consider the GUI and the usability of the software.
That's not in the 'specs table' for sure but, for anyone who spends a few minutes with it, it becomes the real reason to get into it.
So, in a way, yes, you may feel attracted by other's phones specs, but then, you are giving for granted that they will 'behave' just as the iPhone, wich is not the case, sadly.

ever had any android phone? You talk about experience and you tried only iPhone?
Clearly new iPhone is great and so are new Androids (EVO, Incredible/Desire). Nice to see how competiton works for us all.

One of the slides said in-app SMS! Finally. I was really excited to hear about iOS4 because software is what differentiates the iPhone from it's competitors. Retina display was sicko! 960x640 rez, 324 ppi, 800:1 contrast. I really like that but I want to know the clock speed, ram, & rom or whatever. how much faster than the 3GS? plus I really want to stick it the Fandroids. what a bunch of losers. also, Gizmodo stole all the thunder out Steve's "one more thing." Everybody knew it had front facing camera.

never used an Iphone in my life probably never will, but hey if millions of people like the phone then it must be a good phone for them.
I love the one comment that because it was leaked he wanted a totally different phone,? Shows you how fast some people get bored of things. try's to make it seem like it's a 1 day job to engineer a phone. lol. I'm sure they had a few prototypes but this was the best of them all, They'll be working on the next phone 3 months after launch so they can take out any bugs or flaws in this one.

if you have to mention nazi references then you've lost any credibility in your comments, people just don't take you seriously because you can't think of anything original to say - hence the almost embarrassing cliche that you have to use.