Tired of App Store and iTunes search issues? Give fnd.io a try!

Tired of App Store and iTunes search issues? Give fnd.io a try!

fnd.io is a new website that takes advantage of Apple's iTunes and App Store APIs to let you search both services on the web. According to MacStories, fnd.io is not only faster at search than iTunes and the App Store, it adds more context which may lead to better search results overall.

We've beat into the ground in the past how broken App Store search is and it's nice to see that services like fnd.io are trying to do something about it. While fnd isn't the only service to tie into the iTunes API and emulate App Store and iTunes content, it's the most convenient and useable one I've found so far.

You can search for anything you'd like on fnd including apps, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. Anything that's available in iTunes or the App Store should filter in. Obviously there are some limitations due to restrictions on access to the API — like the App Store front page or What's New sections. In some instances though, fnd actually adds some functionality such as YouTube search results for media.

When searching in fnd, you're given complete search results for any iTunes or App Store content available. I've bookmarked it on my Home screen for this reason alone since it means I don't have to toggle between iTunes and the App Store. I can search for something and view all results in one place.

Give fnd.io a try on either your iOS device or through your browser and let me know what you think of it. Is it something you'll use instead of the App Store or iTunes search? Why or why not?

Source: MacStories

Allyson Kazmucha

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Gsarfin says:

Thabks for the tip. I'll give it a try soon.

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AndroidKiller3k says:

Seems sincere... I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info.

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Gossamer60 says:

I just bookmarked this on my iMac, iPad, and iPhone. Thanks Ally.

Vortec 5.3 says:

If I purchased anything in iTunes,like a song for example , and I bought the same song on fnd.io would it alert me$

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swampbaby says:

I wonder how long until Apple either acquires the company behind this or has a cease and desist injunction judgement issued. Or changes the API rules.

Who's willing to match that bet?

draconianchaos says:

I'll go in for it lol.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

swampbaby says:

Oh the irony..."posted from the Android iMore App!" Lol

$20 says within 6 months the company behind this ceases to exist.

daleski75 says:

http://appcrawlr.com/ is also a good one and includes other platforms as well.

Xsander Muory says:

could u make imore app for ipad plz i need it .

DoeZ says:

I bookmarked it and am liking it so far. Anything is better than google :D