Tired of all the iPad news? Hold faith, summer iPhone goodness will be here soon!


There's a ton of iPad news being announced right now, and some iPhone 4.0 and iPhone G4 (not iPhone 4G!) rumors aside, it's swamping TiPb right now. (Believe me, I have the sleepless nights to prove it!)

We're figuring that every spring will be all about the iPad, summer will be iPhone-centric, and fall will bring iPod touch mania. That's Apple's cycle and that means it will be ours. We'll do our best to keep improving the site so you can more easily get what you want, but the most important thing to remember is that Apple is killer at leveraging technology from one product into the others. A lot of what we see from the iPad now we'll likely see in the iPhone this June/July, and updated again with the iPod touch in September.

Apple calls the platform iPhone OS for a reason, after all.

So, if you're sick of the iPad we apologize and ask that you bear with us. We'll have more than enough for everyone of everything as the year marches on. And in the meantime, hold faith. It may look like a lot of iPad news but again, this stuff is important for iPhone and iPod touch users as well. You'll see that come summer!

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Rene Ritchie

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Tired of all the iPad news? Hold faith, summer iPhone goodness will be here soon!


"A lot of what we see from the iPad now we’ll likely see in the iPhone this June/July..."
Does this mean we'll get the dictionary feature that's system wide (or so I've heard)? Would be great to be able to look up a word right then and there, instead of the current condition of copy.....go to dictionary app.....paste......oh, that's what that means!

if Apple does not who 4.0 to devs in April I might jump to android...I'm bored to death with the current UI, if was not for jailbreak I would have changed platforms before

I cant wait for Summer to come. The ipad news is interesting but i think the "A+" iphone in the summer will have even more news.

Sort of Copy what engadget does.
On their main page, they have 3 buttons for main, mobile and hd. For TiPB, there would be 4 buttons:
All : iPhone : iPod Touch : iPad.
(and associated iPhone.tipb.com or tipb.com/iphone, iPad.tipb.com or tipb.com/ipad, etc)
That way you can easily filter things...

No need to apologize Rene! I personally love the ipad news, got one shipping to my house tomorrow morning.
Right now the ipad is hot, so we should be reading about it! I don't mind my iPhone taking a back seat as I know when summer comes, my iPad will take a backseat with the next iPhone launching.
Either way, a lot of what happens with iPad will dictate which direction the next gen iPhone will head, so I don't see a problem about reading something else from Apple that's a direct correlation with my iPhone.
Ultimately, You have to be from another planet If you own a iPhone and not care the least bit with what Apple is doing now with it's latest and greatest.

@ Mr anonymous
"Does this mean we’ll get the dictionary feature that’s system wide (or so I’ve heard)? Would be great to be able to look up a word right then and there, instead of the current condition of copy…..go to dictionary app…..paste……oh, that’s what that means!"
Exactly! I feel you brother.

That's the same attitude I have. I mean, there is only so much going on with the iPhone right now. The iPad is new...so naturally more news is created with a product launch. I'm not getting an iPad right now (only because my wife and I are saving for a house) but I'm definitely interested in it. All the apple haters seem a little upset that the HP Slate hasn't been seen and the iPad is out (tomorrow). I'm interested in the Slate as well, but now it's iPad time!

Good article, in my opinion. And it's true. Alot will happen now that the iPad is out and about. I can't wait till summer comes though, and i'm totally craving for iPhone news and rumors at this moment. As for the OS, Apple has already given us a preview of what's next. (with 3.2) but hopefully there will be a 4.0 someday. My fingers crossed. But in all honesty, i'm starting to get sick and tired of iPad news. Heck, i'm already tired of reading the word "iPad". But all fairness around here, and these products are like seasons to us, and they take their own turns in the spotlight.
Keep it up Apple!

No need for an apology! TiPb is better than ever before with its comprehensive iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad coverage. Keep it up!

Can some one explain why apple would release OS4 within 3 months of releasing OS3:2 for I Pad? And how much radically different you might expect it to be? Folks get used to OS 3;2 and don't expect heaven to decent as OS4 in summer. Get real.

Hang on. Months of people saying "shut up about the ipad" or "im tired of the ipad all the time" and various versions there-of without a single word from you and all of a sudden this? Why now?

I think the Macbooks are going to go touch next year, and I think that's why we've heard nothing of new ones this January (or still even now).
I even imagine new iMacs having a glass touch screen keyboard with trackpad (maybe part of the stand, or attached to it). I'm going to be very surprised if Apple releases anything with a hard keyboard from here on.

@Samuk "Can some one explain why apple would release OS4 within 3 months of releasing OS3:2 for I Pad?"
Two reasons, a) Android will surpass the iPhone if Apple doesn't do anything this summer.
b) iPad and iPhone are two different things. You're seeing this because Apple is releasing iPhone OS 3.2 to the iPad and not the iPhone. You need to get real.

I don't care. Flame me all you want: I don't like the iPad at all. Underpowered, uncomfortable, handycapped browser, no camera, only 64GB and I mean: "Apple iPad Apps"??? C'mon it's a freaking joke people. Get real. No breaktrough here.


This is Apple's true strategy: sell 3 versions of the same computer with different sizes, with the same operating system, to make all 3 cheaper to produce and support. Then only allow certain apps to run on each device to make it necessary for people to buy each. This is already apparent with the new iPad version of apps. I believe that this next year will hold profound changes that will make the iPod touch and iPhone seem like very different devices even though they really aren't. A lot of iPad apps won't run on iPhone or iPod. A lot of iPod apps won't run on iPhone or iPad., and only the iPhone will make regular phone calls. That is the only way for this to pan out on a marketing scale if Apple wants to make money (and that IS what they REALLY want to do by the way).

Thanks Rene for the great Ipad and Iphone coverage. Ipad is what is current. That's where the new info is. Great work. Keep it coming.

The sooner apple realizes that for a good many of us, the only reason we have purchased apple products is because we have been able to hack/jailbreak them to make them work for us - the better. Im only a iPhone/appleTV/Macbook convert, because all of my devices have been 'modified' so that they do what 'I' want..... G

Don't apologize Rene! It's the friggin' release day, after all. It'll settle down. It's not like the iPhone isn't a BIG deal when it's released.

I am on the "iPhone Blog" to read about news regarding iPhone... not the iPad.
I don't care about the iPad.