Titanfall for Mac? Respawn says they're talking to Aspyr

Titanfall is one of the hottest new games of the year. Right now it's an exclusive for Microsoft platforms — Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But if the developer has its way, Titanfall might be headed to the Mac, too.

Titanfall is a first person shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment. Emphasizing small-scale multiplayer combat, the game's hook is the ability to pilot titans — mech-style walkers, each with unique abilities.

Vince Zampella is the CEO of Respawn, and he maintains an account on Twitter. Responding to a tweet about the possibility of a Mac version, Zampella said:

Aspyr, for the uninitiated, is a popular publisher of Mac games. Aspyr typically negotiates with PC and console game publishers to license a Macintosh version of a game, which they then develop and publish themselves. Aspyr's Mac conversions are available through the Mac App Store and other download services.

I checked with Aspyr to get the details, and they're mum for the moment.

"We don’t have a comment at this time but Titanfall is an awesome game! We’re happy to see Respawn have so much success and would love to work with EA again," said Elizabeth Howard, Aspyr VP of Publishing.

So, no hard details for the moment, but keep your eyes peeled. Titanfall is a really cool game and it'd be great to see it headed to the Mac.

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Reader comments

Titanfall for Mac? Respawn says they're talking to Aspyr


Don't forget, Microsoft will have a BIG say in any decision on this title. It has been marketed as an XBox/Windows-EXCLUSIVE title -- and online play (which is the only way the game can be played) is built on Microsoft's Azure technology.

Even if MS gives them a go-ahead for a Mac version (which would require converting Azure to OS X as well), it's guaranteed there will be no PS4 version -- ever.

Not so much. To put it nicely the Xbone isn't exactly flying of the shelves. EA is missing out on millions with this idiotic exclusivity deal, and we all know EA is all about money. I would be highly surprised if Titan Fall 2 isn't on every possible platform available. Microsoft only paid for an exclusive deal, they don't own the studio, therefore they have no say in what is done with the game after the deal ends.

The sales figures for the XBox One were on par with the PS4 in February. With the Titanfall exclusive, they are expected to surpass the PS4 in March. As much as EA is about money, as you say, Microsoft did pay for an exclusive deal, also as you say, which further reinforces what I said about it not being likely to show up on the Mac.

Are you familiar with the Azure technology? If not, you might want to read a little about it. Embedding the Azure DNA into Titanfall they way they did means they've basically taken on a 'partner' in Microsoft much in the same way DirecTV has it's 'partner' in Convergys, who provides it's customer service and sales backbone. What this means is it will be difficult for EA to add other platforms to the mix, unless either EA, or Microsoft develops Azure integration for those platforms. Titanfall lives and dies on the services that Azure provides.

Now, as for Titanfall 2, since at the moment, that's still 'concept-ware,' there's no telling what, and or how, they'll make that work, but I can't see them scrapping their investment in code, time, traning, knowledge, support, money, etc., just to make a game available to a very small portion of the gaming market. (And yes, I own, and game on my Macs as well as my other platforms.)