T-Mobile Germany losing iPhone exclusivity?

iPhone 4 O2 Germany

T-Mobile has been the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in Germany since the first iPhone in 2007, however there is new evidence to show that T-Mobile may lose its exclusivity to O2 and Vodafone in the coming weeks.

  • The O2 Germany website, has launched a ‘keep me informed’ page, that offers “the latest news and everything to know about the iPhone 4 on O2”

  • The Vodafone website has launched a similar page that allows you to sign up and select which iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS you want to be notified about.

Both carriers are yet to announce any official pricing or release date, however one source at iPhone-Ticker.de has said that Vodafone will have iPhone 4’s starting Wednesday 27th October, with prices starting at €729 and as high as €849, off contract.

Rumoured contract prices start at €169,90 for the handset and €45 a month for the low-tier contract, to as high as €119,95 a month, with the handset at €1 for the higher-tier contract.

This marks the end of T-Mobile’s exclusivity in Germany, and sees them join the likes of the UK and Canada in the list of multiple-carrier countries. Unless and until Verizon iPhone (or Sprint or T-Mobile) rumors prove true, the US remains exclusive to AT&T.

So, any T-Mobile Germany iPhone users tempted to switch?


by George Lim

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Reader comments

T-Mobile Germany losing iPhone exclusivity?


I am using my US 3GS on Vodafone.de following my move to Germany. Would be great to get Visual Voicemail working. I had forgotton how back normal voicemail is.

Ich switched from o2 to T-Mobile bacause of iPhone4. Since im tied to it for the next 21 months Iwill decide it later. I like o2 and their flexible pricing model. Network Service is pretty good. Vodafone is never an option for me.

Sure. I will run over to vodafone because their network is just better. Just the pricing has to less or maybe equivalent to my current tmobile contract. Cheers simeon

For me T-Mobile is the best carrier in Germany and I'm willed to pay some extra money for their service