Today would have been Steve Jobs' 57th birthday

Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011

Apple co-founder, guiding mind behind the iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apple Retail, Pixar, and literally a lifetime of other culture- and industry-changing innovations, Steve Jobs was born 57 years ago today. He passed away last October right after the introduction of the iPhone 4S and Siri, leaving Apple under the guidance of Tim Cook.

Under Cook, the iPhone 4S and iCloud has shipped, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has been announced, and the iPad 3 launch is all but upon us.

But the man who shaped consumer electronics this generation, who relentlessly drove the mainstreaming and democratization of technology, who made form matter to function, and who smiled and wrung his hands on the keynote stage as he prepared to announce "one more thing..." is no longer here to enjoy it with us.

Apple enthusiasts wishing to remember and celebrate his life will be gathering at prominent Apple Stores and similar locations. He was just a man. But he dented a lot of universes.

Happy birthday, Steve. And thanks again.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Today would have been Steve Jobs' 57th birthday


Heh. Just finished reading his biography today. Happy birthday to a visionary, yet lonely, man. Definitely dented my universe for the better.

Ummmm... No. He was a Buddhist. Why find the lord anyway? He, & his legions of fanatical followers considered him a god. Still do.

You're ignorant. Whether you like Apple or not, he was a visionary. He made media and technology what it was. Whether you believe so or not. Whether Apple was the first or not, he made it a challenge for others. He perfected something that will stick with us forever. He truly was a visionary. Maybe he wasn't a true leader like the ones you follow. But many of us believe he changed the world. And whether you think so or not he did. He nearly perfected something he believed in. He is a true hero. So whether you like Apple or not, he is a hero to many. To me and to many of the the TiPb/iMore followers, Android Central/CrackBerry/Windows Central etc....he has helped build the mobile world. He has made it what it is today. I really don't care what you have to say. He has made the world a better, smarter place. He presented a challenge, to make a phone better than the iPhone or any device he conceived better than the past. He truly is an innovator and a true leader. He may not be comparable to leaders in the world today but to the technology world, he is, and it is ignorant to say he wasn't.

Can you tell me when Ben Franklin's birthday is? Thomas Edison? Henry Ford? Either of the Wright brothers? Mother Theresa? These people were important. Jobs made toys. They'll be remembered for much longer than him. Jobs' name is "big" now because it is current. Give it a few years and see how many still fall to their knees like so many do today.

First off, you're being a bit dramatic don't you think? Do you really think people are falling to their knees for this man because it's his birthday? In the past those names were current as well so using that argument is invalid. Can you predict the future? I didn't think so. So you have no idea if people will remeber his name. Secondly, did you read anything I wrote? Clearly not. I said that he was a leader in the technology world. And a very big one at that. I never said any of those people weren't as important but that doesn't mean he still isn't important. I guarantee that he will be remembered just as much as those you named. He did change the world and how we use technology. If you believe that he made toys then stop using your apple product/s as you must have one if you are on iMore. He did not make toys. He was a visionary, as I've said before. He made devices that millions of people enjoy. Whether you believe so or not he was a leader, not THE leader. It truly is ignorant to think he wasn't a leader

He led the world in stealing ideas and buying out companies to make it look like apple did something magical just to take your money. In that aspect he was brilliant, won't argue that.

i thought this crook died.
but before he died, he made lot of killings in china and contributed as one of the biggest environment pollution.

Idiot. You're one of those mindless drones th ast listens to everything Fox News says, eh?