TomTom iPhone app updated

TomTom for iPhone

TomTom has released its latest version of the TomTom App for iPhone. Users can now use their photo gallery as an address book by enabling them to select and navigate to any geo-tagged photo. Also, iPhone 4 users will experience enhanced graphics with support for retina display and faster, more-responsive navigation.

  • OPTIMIZED FOR IPHONE 4 (iPhone 4 only): Turn-by-turn navigation with TomTom just got even better, with high resolution graphics and sharper maps. Menus are more responsive and positioning is more accurate, even with limited GPS reception. The TomTom app takes full advantage of your iPhone 4.

  • NAVIGATE-TO-PHOTO: Got a photo of the place you want to go? Simply tap on the image and TomTom will take you there. You no longer need to enter an address to get going. What you see is where you’ll go!

  • NEW, UPDATED MAPS: Drive with the latest maps. TomTom maps include 1 million more miles of US roads than competitors.

Navigation to a geo-tagged photo is an interesting new feature but I'm having trouble imagining its usefulness. I think it'd be faster to type in the name of the place you want to go than to sift through your photo albums to find a picture of your wanted destination. It seems to be more of a novelty feature that you show off to your friends. Maybe it's just me, so I'm asking you. TomTom users, have you tried this new feature? What do you think of it? Do you picture yourself using it often?

[$49.99 (TomTom USA) - iTunes link]

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TomTom iPhone app updated


engadget carried this story days ago, they and you have neglected to inform the rest of the world this update, so far, is only for the U.S.
Still waiting for TomTom v.1.5 W.Europe here.

I appreciate TomTom updating its appp but the file is so big I wont update unless its something more significant than this. Probably will wait until iPhone 5. I guess its not viable to sell by the State but it'd be nice to only download the area you need to lower the footprint.

I can't stand Android, but am very envious of the fact they have a superb GPS stock application negating the need of the user to spend $50+ dollars on 3rd party applications for their GPS needs. I keep holding out from purchasing TomTom or Navigon in hopes Apple will release their own stock GPS app, but i'm willing to bet they don't want to alienate their 3rd party developers. Very frustrating.

@Omar Little- Try CoPilot Live. The last time I looked it was $20 and does a nice job. In fact it seems to have better algorithms for the most efficent route than Navigon.

@hungwell - i agre its a bit of a gimmick, but i can see a point to it, a friend visits somewhere, maybe as a tourist abroad, at a monument or place of interest, takes a pic with his iphone4 which he emails to you. You think i wanna go there, and just navigate straight from pic no need to find out road names and post codes/zip codes. Cant see myself using it all that often but it does have a use.
Not showing over in the UK either yet. Will keep itunes on the desktop checking for this one, no way im downloading it direct to phone lol

Say it's a gimmick if you want, but I used it yesterday to get back to a friends house that we had a party at 4 months ago. I was not driving the first time I went, didn't know the address, didn't want to look stupid to the friend, so I popped the photo I took of us and got directions to the house. Made me look smart. ( and that is pretty hard to do!). So, it may not be too useful, but it did come in handy in that instance.

I too thought this was a gimmick until last night when I couldn't find the soccer field I was supposed to be playing at. I asked my friend who was there to send me a pic of it. Bam! Instant directions.

I was happy to find out that they finally fixed the traffic subscription. Now of I could just get then to refund the 4 months of it not working properly.

I LOVE the tomtom app! Along with the tomtom carkit! They are fantastic together. I'll admit I don't know how the other nav programs are but I am happy with tomtom. Too much fiddling with the phone for google
Maps while driving to make sure I understand which exit to take and do I turn right or left. With tomtom I don't have to look at the phone and the speaker on the carkit is louder so I can actually hear. There is also the audio out jack that
Plugs right into the stereo! Along with the extra gps chip in the kit, never lose gps signal. Just can't beat the total integration

@ Adriandb hey how did you get the picture to get to directions on how to get to your destination? What were the exact steps on how you got that feature to work?

TomTom Tweeted today that the European 1.5 updates have been submitted to Apple and just going through the motions now. Keep checking the App Store for an update ;)

I want a nav option that is not dependent on Internet provided maps. I'm not hating on that, but I ak occasionally in the boonies and I do not want to get lost because I have a gps lock but no maps for reference.

The navigation from a photo is lame. The photo is geo tagged from where ever it is taken. I could take a picture of the White House in my house and it would think my house is the actual address.
Other than this lame arse feature, the app works better than ever....especially in poor signal areas.

@gregory, if you are jailbroken you can install custom poi - however you cant set the warn within X feet of poi, so you couldnt install something like the speed cameras and have them warned, you would just get icons displayed.

I would like to shove a sharp object down the throat of all the herp derps saying how lame it is to pay $50 for a navigation app like it's the only option for an iPhone user. TomTom is the flagship, there's plenty of low or no cost options on the app store that are the equivalent to Google Nav on Android.

This app works great on the iPhone 4 ... which finally has enough power to make it run smoothly. Just tried to photo thingee and the selection of photos it uses is very limited. Does it select only the geo-tagged photos, drawing from both the Camera Roll and Photo Library? Weird.