TomTom launches new iPhone hands-free car kit with improved audio quality

TomTom launches a new iPhone hands-free car kit with improved audio quality

TomTom has just announced the new TomTom Hands Free Car Kit for the iPhone, which claims to offer the highest audio quality ever for loud and clear hands-free calls. The new car kit comes in two flavors, one specifically for the iPhone and another for phones with a micro USB connection.

The TomTom Hands Free Car Kit also features some advanced noise cancellation technologies, which dramatically reduce background noise for the caller and ambient noise for the driver, and comes with a detachable microphone that can be placed in the best position for optimal voice detection.

"The new Car Kit has been designed for safety and convenience." said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director Consumer at TomTom. "With fantastic audio quality and new mounting options, we are making it easier and safer for drivers to make calls and use navigation applications on the move. With advanced new features, our aim is to help drivers keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road."

You can either be attach the new TomTom Hands Free Car Kit to a windscreen or to the dashboard of your vehicle. To fit it onto the dashboard, you would need to install a self-adhesive disc first. Since it features an expandable swiveling cradle, you can use your iPhone with the TomTom Hands Free Car Kit with or without a case, and in either horizontal or vertical views.

The new TomTom Hands Free Car Kit is available in Europe right now and will cost around £80 ($125). TomTom also plans to offer a package with the hands-free kit and a copy of the Western Europe TomTom app for around £130 ($204).

I have tried many of these easy-to-install hands-free car kits but never had any great success when driving at higher speeds. The ambient noise is always too much of a problem so it will be interesting to see if TomTom has managed to improve that experience. I currently use a Parrot hands-free system wired into my car stereo, which works very well but is a pain when you change your car.

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Reader comments

TomTom launches new iPhone hands-free car kit with improved audio quality


Seems like an odd time to bring this to market if it does. I have the previous generation TomTom iPhone mount and it's by far the best mount I've used. I was hoping there would be a new model if/when the announcement of the iPhone 5 form factor hits.

I agree, but since Apple has not confirmed (at least publicly) the 19 pin connector and there are a tens of millions of iPhones with a 30 pin connector its logical to release this unit.

The bigger question is how long will it take to get the revised model with a 19 pin connector out the door? I really want the TomTom unit for my next iPhone but I will be waiting.

Sorry, smartphone gps whether it's nokia (symbian), windows, iOS, or Android all suck. They dont have the same sensitivity as a standalone gps.Battery life is just horrendous. These smartphone gps units are only meant to be used temporarily and for short periods of time.

Perhaps in 5 years they'll improve to the point where a dedicated GPS unit will no longer be needed. Of course, software is a different story as well as processing power on smartphones vs dedicated GPS units. For now, it's either Garmin or Tom Tom devices that can't be beat. I just hope that both of these companies stop farting around and decide to incorporate 1 GHZ cpus.

I have a TomTom One. I liked it. Then I got the TomTom app for my iPhone and the TomTom car kit, (the first one, not the new one).

I found no sensitivity difference. The car kit has its own GPS that augments the iPhone's.

Battery life is absolutely no issue, as the dock charges/powers the iPhone as you drive, as long as the dock is not broken.

My problem is the original car kit sucks in how it's constructed. The rotational adjustment stopped clicking in days after getting it. I sent it back and got a new one that also failed in a few weeks. I kept it and just use it in the vertical position.

But now, the iPhone car kit app says it's not docked when it is and the iPhone does not charge. So in this case, the battery drains quickly.

I want a new dock, but I don't want to pay $99 for a new one which won't fit a newer iPhone if/when I upgrade.

There are 3rd party dock with GPS built in, but I need to find out which ones work with my iPhone and my TomTom app.