TomTom reveals new update, enables navigation via Twitter and Facebook

TomTom has unveiled its latest update for the popular iPhone and iPad navigation app. Version 1.10 will include a couple of new features like Twitter and Facebook integration. The integration will allow users to navigate to friends, places and even certain events much more easily.

The TomTom App for iPhone and iPad will be the first to use social networks as a source for turn-by-turn navigation. It can automatically plan routes based on information from Facebook events, places and friends. Drivers can also use the App to share their destination and arrival time on Twitter, Facebook, by email and SMS text.

The update will be available in the first quarter of 2012 and will be free for customers who have already paid for the app previously.

Source: TomTom PR

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Reader comments

TomTom reveals new update, enables navigation via Twitter and Facebook


Are they dropping the price? Right now this is one of the most overpriced apps in the app store

Are you serious??
Wow, I think it is cheaper than the ones you buy in stores, plus you get FREE map updates
Can't beat it

If you are Canadian traveling to the US, the price is worth it so you don't pay for roaming if you really need directions.

Love the Tomtom app. What I would really like to see is better integration with the OS. Say I search for a business in safari, wouldnt it be great if you could launch tomtom and start navigating with the address automatically loaded up?

Agreed! That's the one thing I miss in android, it was so easily to google search and get directions with a few simple taps. Not saying it's harder this way, just a little more convenient with android.