TomTom updated to 1.3 now with Google Local Search!


The AT&T Navigator app and TomTom for my two favorite GPS solutions; TomTom just took the lead with this most recent update.

One of the benefits of the AT&T Navigator app was the ability to search real-time and navigate to a location via the web. Now, TomTom is bringing us that functionality via Google Local Search, and more! Here is a list in the most rescent update, 1.3:

  • Real-Time traffic- The best traffic information available today (an additional $19.99)
  • Google Local Search- Access the latest listings from within TomTom
  • The Latest Maps- The most accurate map
  • Music Fading- Instead of music pausing, it fades when navigation is spoken
  • Automatic Day/Night Mode- TomTom now calculates the sunrise and sunset and changes the map accordingly
  • Add Locations- From other apps and websites

It is disappointing that the traffic component costs an additional $19.99, but to me the Google Search alone is worth this update. Check out some pics after the break!


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CJ says:

Sweet! I've been waiting for an update like this. Thanks for the heads up.

Scott Lewis says:

$20 for traffic is reasonable. Ask us poor TomTom Live 740 owners how much WE pay for this stuff. For traffic/weather/google is $10 a month. Plus we pay for map updates at $10 a quarter. Oh yeah, we paid $275 for our device up front too. About the only plus is when the phone rings, my PND keeps going, an iPhone would stop temporarily while you answer, hit home, open up the app again.

jhrogersii says:

Gee, that's impressive. Navigon has only had these same features for 6 months now. Now we are getting in-map elevation and dynamic personized routing this Spring. TomTom and Magellan have a lot of catching up to do.

Dimwit says:

Here is the 1 feature I want before I pay for a nav app...
Search along route. Near me doesn't help plan fuel stops & rest stops on long trips. It would be kind of nice to know that there isn't another gas station for 70 miles.

zsofi says:

Hi! I'm a university student, and we've created a survey for a project we have. It's about navigation systems for iPhone. If YOU HAVE an iPhone OR WANT TO BUY ONE, it would be a great help for us if you could answer these few questions.
Thank you!! : )

WatersWest says:

@ Dimwit .. TomTom DOES have the feature you speak of. When you search for a Point of Interest ('POI'), you have 5 choices: Near Me, in City, Near Home, Along Route, or Near Destination.

gruswitz says:

I've tried the new updated app and so far I like it. One unfortunate thing however is that if you and your spouse both use the app on two iPhones than you have to purchase two annual traffic subscriptions. I really like the iPod controls in-app and the music fade rather than pause.

8a22a says:

On the UK version you can buy a 1 day subscription for HD Traffic for £0.59. :) So you can just pay for it on the days you need it.

Pat says:

How does this app work on a 3g iPhone? I have the navigon app which boasts good features but is horribly slow on my 3g phone. Extremely slow when you open the app and forget about the iPod controls. Just even thinking about music will cause the app to freeze up. So, if anyone has a 3g iPhone and the Tom Tom app, how is it?

Chad Garrett says:

I use the 3GS and my wife uses the 3G. It is VERY slow even with this update on the 3G. Once launched, it runs fine.

pc says:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but TomTom's live traffic is good for 12 months whereas Navigon's is a one time purchase. Something to think about when making a purchase.

Jakob says:

Add Locations- From other apps and websites...
How and where do I find this function in the tomtom app?

Marc says:

I was wondering how you add locations from other applications too.
Anyone have an idea how to do it?
Address links from Safari still open in Maps for me.

Benjamin says:

I am disappointed that i can't seem find any easy way to enter direct coordinates from my contact lists. all are imported from my old ique, and i have working lat/long but not always a street address.
it would seem that cardinal coordinates would be a duh huh for any maping app.

Dyvim says:

Navigon's had most of these features for months now. I'm looking forward to Navigon v1.5

phone free tv says:

here is no cool features in Iphone. Iphone software sucks cant do anything with it!!

böbrek taşı says:

Not only do you get a digital picture frame, you get the ‘always on’ Internet.

basur says:

I say Apple should rename all their products to how Motorola does.

moliva grey away says:

iPhones than you have to purchase two annual traffic subscriptions