TomTom Updates App to Include 1st Gen iPhone and iPod touch GPS Support


TomTom has released a rather significant update to their $99 iPhone Turn-by-Turn GPS application [iTunes Link]. It seems as if they had second thoughts about omitting first generation iPhone (and iPod touch) devices along side the TomTom car kit. It was only last month that TomTom officially stated the kit would not enable GPS with the original iPhone or iPod touch. My how quickly things change, perhaps the release of the free Google Navigation application had something to do with it...

If anyone still rocking the first generation iPhone or a new iPod touch and try TomTom out, let us know how it goes!

[via AppAdvice, thanks Tyler]


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Belichick the Genius says:

Boooooom the Genius is first! I feel sorry for anyone that purchased this subpar product. When I'm bored, I go to the app store and read all the bad reviews and laugh inside. Luckily, google nav is coming soon, which should put an end to this GPS price gouging nonsense.

richxps says:

i just updated and its 10 times better now on my 3gs, i just wish they would have traffic on this. maybe future update who knows.

richxps says:

by the way the updates takes 30min plus

 says:

Weak....... 

Mark says:

Everyone is preaching the google nav. Have people forgotten it is web based and when your data drops so does your maps and all things google. And if you are on AT&T then i am sure it will suck just like the service we recieve from att. I can't even carry on a conversation with out dropping calls can't imagine depending AT&T to navigate

Drew4410 says:

Yea mark shut up, I'd rather have FREE navigation app than pay $100-200 for a navigation app that takes up storage. I rather have music and videos in the apace than a pricey navigation app. So up yours.

Belichick the Genius says:

Google nav caches you're route, so if you drop signal, you'll have your entire route available to navigate. Not to mention, google nav looks leaps and bounds better than the $100 apps, such as using satellite to see
an actual picture of the turn you're taking. Not bad for a free app.

Macboy74 says:

How does this work on 1st gen iphone and touch if neither have gps????????????? And who the hell has still has a 1st gen iphone???????

Macboy74 says:

@Mark If your having these problems with at&t why are you still with them? Etf and leave. I love when ppl like you b***h and cry. Not everyone has problems with at&t.I have full 3g everywhere I go with my 3gs. It all depends where you live man. At&t has over 76 million sub they must be doing something right. There not all iphone subs.

HarryA says:

I use to use Att Navigator on my old AT&T tilt and it was great to say the least. Took me far and wide the only downside was the $10/month fee. Tom Tom has always been a far second in my eyes. Garmin ftw!!!

fastlane says:

The Google Nav app also has voice control, so there's no need for typing in info.
For me, personally, the iPhone's screen is a bit small for any GPS. I'll stick with my Garmin for now.
The TomTom kit allows the 1st gen iPhone and touch to work... not the app by itself.

Mark says:

You know what I pay the same price as some one who has 3g. And yet I barely get edge. I am not complaining about google nav it was directed at AT&T you bunch of a holes

Frank says:

You guys are all assuming the almighty apple will allow google nav!
F ing fanboys make me wanna kill people. Tomtom/navigon/sygic/copilot (all of which I have tried) all have their strengths and you peolpe are whining and in all likelyhood haven't even tried tomtom.

Chris says:

The ipod controls suck you cannot choose a song just a play ,forward,and back button. Woluld of been nice to see the controls like on navigon. Maby in the updates to come

Belichick the Genius says:

Frank, you can bet your bottom dollar apple will allow google nav. They have no choice. The backlash would be tremendous is apple announced they weren't allowing google nav. It would be pretty much begging the consumer to go droid.

Hanrosa says:

You never leave the house without your iPhone or iPod touch. Ihave watch the trailer of it on the

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