Triage for iPhone review: Quickly curate your email inbox

Triage for iPhone review: Quickly curate your email inbox

Triage: Email First Aid is an email client for iPhone by Southgate Labs that makes it easy to to quickly sort through your inbox and remove the noise. Triage is not intended to be a complete client, but rather a simple one with the sole purpose of helping you to quickly curate your inbox in your downtime.

The idea is simple: Triage displays your messages as a stack of cards. Each card shows who the message is from, the subject line, and up to 10 lines from the email. If you swipe the card up, Triage will archive the message, and if you swipe down, it will be marked as unread and remain in your inbox, but never again appear in Triage. Tapping the card will display its full contents.

Although the main purpose of Triage is to either accept or reject emails from your inbox, you can also reply to messages. Unfortunately, it does not offers support for signatures. I understand that Triage is meant to be simple, but if I'm going to be responding to messages, I at least want a signature.

The good

  • Support for Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and most IMAP
  • Messages displayed as a stack of cards with no indication of how many there are
  • Flick message up to archive or flip down to keep
  • Support for replying to messages

The bad

  • No signature support
  • No unified inbox

The bottom line

It's a constant battle for me to stay on top of my inbox and Triage is helping me better manage my seemingly continuous flow of messages. Seeing just a small excerpt of just one email at a time makes my inbox seem less daunting and it's easy to quickly make a decision on whether to keep a message for later or to send it straight to the archives. When I have time, I get to sit down and address a much smaller, less stressful inbox.

Triage for iPhone is a great little email client for people who get tons of email. It's simple, clean, fast, and one of my new favorite apps.

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Reader comments

Triage for iPhone review: Quickly curate your email inbox


I don't get the point of this app. I can already archive mail very easily from a variety of apps. And "keeping" an email is the same as just skipping it as you go through your inbox.

If you don't see the point, then it's not for you. And that's ok. I love it though. I like that I don't know how many emails there are. I like that I can get quite a good glance at an email and it remains "unread". It's an easy way to decide if I'm going to keep an email or trash it. But the ones I keep remain unread so that I make sure I actually address them later on my desktop. I get hundreds of emails a week, so Triage just helps me manage all those emails. It's not for everyone.

It will be better if it support the signature, i kinda use it a lot, and also there are other apps that can do the same thing and probably for free, but thanks anyways for the review, is pretty good