Tuesday Fun Video: Mosspuppet Interviews Jobspuppet on iPad (NSFW-L)


Walt Mosspuppet interviews Steve Jobspuppet about the iPad, and for everyone who's loving to hate on Apple's latest mobile device, well... watch this and try not to gloat to much.

Warning: not safe for work due to language (NSFW-L). Video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Tuesday Fun Video: Mosspuppet Interviews Jobspuppet on iPad (NSFW-L)


That was great fun! I do wish I had the extra $$$ to throw at Jobs for his shiny new toy, but this video made me laugh and feel better about holding off, at least until an improved version comes out!

Very true. Ipad is like a HP printer, reasonably priced because they know you have to buy the overpriced ink, but in the case of the ipad it's movies, magazines and newspapers. ipad is just a gateway device to your wallet. You can't watch hulu or netflix on a ipad.

Funny video, I don't think anyone could argue it as inaccurate. I do wonder what Apples definition of "best" is.

Thanks for posting that, I got a big chuckle out of it. I suspect you don't agree with it, but it's good you will post the other side of the argument (in all it's NSFW glory).