The TV Show 10: 24 finale, Farscape, Doctor Who 3

The TV Show 10: 24 finale, Farscape 1, Doctor Who 3

The TV Show is like app or game reviews for television episodes. Whether you're watching on the Apple TV or streaming to your iPhone or iPad, follow along for the week of TV that was. On this episode Dave and Rene are joined by Dave's ex-girlfriend, Ashley Williams to talk 24 finale, Fascape season 1, and — sorry, really, so sorry! — Doctor Who season 3, including the brilliantly terrifying Blink.

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The TV Show 10: 24 finale, Farscape 1, Doctor Who 3


Was a huge fan of "24" for all previous "days." But this last series just did absolutely nothing for me. Watched it in the background while web surfing. Just couldn't keep my attention.

The most disappointing thing for me was the "time jumps" that they'd talked about when Fox said only 12 episodes. Putting them all into the last 10 minutes felt like the lazy way out to me.

Other than that, I still thought it was the 'old' Jack Bauer at his best and Kate Morgan was an excellent addition (nice to see Strahovski get a crack at playing a 'serious' spy after Chuck!)

I just hope that's not how it ends forever. I honestly think the only way it could ever truly finish is with Jack Bauer in a fireball. Nothing else will finish him off ;-)

Oh, and it was FANTASTIC to see it all go down in Britain this time :D

I rewatched a few seasons lately on amazon. One thing that never made too much sense was having his kid just run around having a family when Jack has all these people gunning for him. That was always the major premise of this show, threatening loved ones to get what you want. With Kim such a weak character now, they should just move along and really get to him. And have him go on a last revenge kick. He doesn't seem to have anymore ties to pols in power with Heller near his end.

I enjoyed watching all of this season's episodes, and I wish the show had gone a full 24 episodes like the seasons before it.