iQuickCall for iPhone makes calling, e-mailing, and texting even quicker [Jailbreak]

iQuickCall is a jailbreak tweak which allows you to use gestures to get to your favorite contacts. Do you live in a city where it is illegal to be on your mobile device while driving? iQuickCall makes it easy to get to that favorite contact with just a simple gesture!

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iQuickCall allows you to have to have access to that favorite contacts with just the tap of the status bar or a swipe across the springboard. You can fully customize what gestures you would like to use.

To use iQuickCall, simply enter in the phone number and email of the person you would like to assign as your iQuickCall contact. Once you have done that, you simply choose the gesture you would like in order to activate iQuickCall. After you are are set up with the correct number, email address, and gesture, you are now ready to use it!

When you use the gesture you previously assigned you will get a pop up box with the option to call, text, or email. Another great feature about this tweak is it also gives you the option to quickly type a number or email address into the a pop up box and it will call or email that number or email address right from the springboard.

For only $0.99 I thought it was definitely worth the purchase! In future updates I think I would like to see the option to have more than one contact offered for a quick call. What do you think? Are you going to purchase this tweak? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

iQuickCall for iPhone makes calling, e-mailing, and texting even quicker [Jailbreak]


If the person is important enough to have their own gesture then they are gonna be in your favorites contact. Since that is only 2 clicks to call someone and you can pick from a list of 10+ I don't see the benefit of this

If you could swipe it and it would list your favorites then I could see it being useful. One person is too limiting

you shouldnt really promote an app saying: it lets you be an ilegal driver for less time. thats what voice control is for

iQuickCall doesn't seem like an app worth the download and set-up time, at least IMHO. I use MyProfiles. I created icons for SMS and phone numbers for people I contact the most and put all of the icons on one screen. Tap an icon and voile, SMS is ready for me to input my message or the call is made. I use it a lot when not driving.

I have a general policy about not using apps that can't get grammar/spelling correct in their UI. I mean, if you can't get that right, what other, bigger issues might be under the hood?