Tweetbot 2.0 for iPhone adds new timeline, image thumbnails, and more

Tweetbot 2.0 for iPhone adds new timeline, image thumbnails, and more

Tweetbot, the widely popular iPhone Twitter that also just happens to be a 2011 iMore readers choice, and editors choice award winner, has just been updated with new timeline and direct message views that feature image thumbnails, a redesigned "new tweets" bar, support for readability, and more.

Following the launch of the official Twitter 4.0 redesign, many power users fell out of love with the new, more mainstream direction Twitter decided to take, and switched over to Tweetbot instead. I've been using Tweetbot since it launched and it has consistently been one of my favorite Twitter apps.

The Tweetbot 2.0 update has made the already awesome experience even better. Now that the timeline features image thumbnails, Tweetbot meets all my requirements of the ideal Twitter app: gorgeous, fast, native push notifications, and image previews.

The new timeline also features colored links that are single-tappable, a new "retweeted by" bar, and some minor adjustments to the cell colors to improve contrast. The tweet replies view has also received some changes, and the overall performance of the app, including scrolling, is snappier.

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Tweetbot 2.0 for iPhone adds new timeline, image thumbnails, and more


iMore must be getting some compensation for pushing this app. A lot of the iMore staffers use even though there are so many free apps for twitter.

I'm sorry steve, but just because there are free twitter apps out there doesn't make them the best, some people (including me) care more about the feel and looks and functionality of an app more than its price, and for power users who are constantly on twitter, it makes or breaks the experience. i've been using tweetbot since the day it was released and i absolutely love it! best 3$ i have ever spent in my life! now i understand that some people don't use twitter or use it on occassion and don't see the need to shell out 3$ on a premium app, and that's completely fine, to each his own, we can't all love te same social networks. but just because a writer writes an mini article about a significant upgrade in one of the most used twitter apps out there, don't accuse him of getting some money from it, i would be pushing it too if i had the place to do so. ( and i'll do it for free, chicken! ) - Dave chappelle.

I would also like to add that just because there are FREE clients out there people shouldn't feel the need to use them. You often pay for what you get and I also believe in supporting small devs. Tapbots is ran by 2 guys who bust there butts to make quality products and I own all their apps and $3 isn't going to break the bank. To each their own.

Seriously? You HONESTLY think there are FREE apps better than Tweetbot? You. Are. Mistaken.
I kid you not, I have purchased every Twitter app in the app store. Tweetbot is far and away the best option of any of them, for me. Maybe not for you.
Point is, our opinion is no more right or wrong than yours, so your original statement is ridiculous. Unfounded, no suggestions, no nothing. I call you a troll and go on with my day.

i think it's more a function of them being really gung ho on twitter. Me i don't use twitter much at all and i'd never pay for a twitter app. its not important to me.

There is no twitter app free or paid that is better than tweetbot.. If I were gay i would sleep with the devs just to thank them for making this app and thats after i would have paid $3 for it.. thats how great an app it is..

tapbots just tweeted that if their tweet gets RTed 1000 times they are releasing something new! (the followers seem to think it might be tweetbot for iPad) so.. yeah.

i'll have to check it out. although, the twitter integration on safari makes me more inclined to just stick to the twitter app.

Guys help me am using it but cant sending direct msg or even use the msg and when i do it it take me out from app.
What should i do :((

I was going to purchase this app but didn't see a way to read local tweets. Does that option exist? I haven't seen it since I had my blackberry :( Anyone?

Hi. How do you put photo at the top? Beside the "Timeline" word. Just like in the photo above. Thanks!