Tweetbot for iPhone now handles multiple images


Tapbots has pushed out a nice little update to the popular Tweetbot Twitter app for iPhone that among other things brings support for multiple images. With this latest version you're able to post and view multiple images right within one Tweet. Nifty. Here's what else is new:

  • Image detail views show corresponding tweet when relevant
  • Instagram videos now marked with play icon
  • Spanish Localization
  • Various bug fixes

Twitter added similiar functionality to its own apps a little while ago and we're plenty happy enough to see the same arrive in the excellent Tweetbot. It's still one of the very best ways to experience Twitter on your iPhone and this latest update doesn't change any of that. Grab it now from the App Store link below.

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Reader comments

Tweetbot for iPhone now handles multiple images


I think I saw something in the release notes that the ability to post multiple pictures is pending a future Twitter update so it may not work yet. I haven't tried it yet.

The notes referred to something about the "streaming" feature which I wasn't sure what that meant because I was able to post multiple pictures with the recent update (no problem). I am surprised they didn't include an update to post photos via direct message but that could be an API limitation.

Quite frankly I'd prefer if they released an updated iPad version before adding more features to the iPhone version.

Perhaps they could now work on their syncing issues....
Also, do an overhaul on their expensive Mac client....?

I'd much prefer them to just fix Favorites. Don't understand why they filter out most of them by forcing it through Favstar.