Tweetbot for iPhone updated with many improvements

Tweetbot for iPhone updated with many improvements

Tweetbot for iPhone has been updated to 1.3 and brings new features and improvements such as the ability to view local trends and translate direct messages.

  • Improved multiple account switching
  • Local trends (can be set in the account settings)
  • Improved recipient selector when creating a new direct message
  • Ability to copy, delete, and translate direct messages (swipe on a thread to delete a whole group)
  • "Add to List" feature improved and renamed to "Manage List Memberships"
  • Added "go to user" feature in people search (shows when typing into the "Search People" box)
  • Gaps now load above or below depending on position of gap when button is invoked.
  • Compose Tweet from hashtag (by holding down on a hashtag in a tweet)
  • Drafts button now displays # of drafts.
  • Support for Favstar (hold fav button to invoke 'tweet of the day', double-tap profile tab to see your own favstar page)
  • Various bug fixes

Tapbots has also put up a blog post explaining why there are no push notifications (they need approval for the beta streaming service from Twitter), why they're not making an iPad or Mac version any time soon, and why they choose not to support Twitlonger. Check out the link below for the details and if you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

[$1.99 - iTunes link, Tapbots blog]

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Tweetbot for iPhone updated with many improvements


From Settings, select the account name you want to set your trending locale for (under the Account Settings section). Under the Search options you'll find the Trend option.

Love this App! Each update makes it better. One thing I would like to see in a future release is a mute function, either by name or by hashtag topic. Not missing the push at all.

I'm all over Tweetbot! The deal breaker for me was no push notifications, until I realized that I can use the Twitter app to get push. If you have the Twitter app installed and notifications on, just turn off the badge alerts in Settings. Perfect now.. love love love!

Tweetbot, has been a sweet addition to my iphone especially the account switching feature & the improved version of the "Add to List" feature was a welcome alteration.
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