Tweetbot for Mac gets bug fixes, Mavericks tweaks

Tweetbot for Mac gets bug fixes, Mavericks tweaks

Tapbots has posted Tweetbot 1.4 for Mac. It's a Twitter client that helps you manage multiple timelines, displaying different accounts in multiple windows and columns. Other features include Notification Center support, Retina display graphics, support read it later services like Pocket and Instapaper, and more.

New to the 1.4 release are Mavericks-specific tweaks including smoother scrolling, the ability to reply to tweets and direct messages from notifications, and various bug fixes and improvements.

Other changes include the ability to refresh lists and saved searches every two minutes instead of four; fixes for issues related to a "Please enable wifi" message and an unexpected timeline move, and more.

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Reader comments

Tweetbot for Mac gets bug fixes, Mavericks tweaks


Call me a cheapskate, but $20 for a Twitter app? Seems excessive for an app that has a slightly-less feature-packed free alternative.

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I disagree with you entirely! The whole landscape of 99 cent apps really devalues what is great software. Although it does have some positives, the low pricing of applications has lead most people to hold a general expectancy that all bits of software should adhere to the cheap scheme. Tweetbot is one of, if not the best twitter client available for Mac. Aside from buying a great app, I want to support the two or so developers, whom I like a lot, and their fantastic work, especially amidst Twitter's stringent API foolery.

Just skimp on buying a coffee everyday for one week, and bam, you have enough money to buy Tweetbot for Mac. So really, for an application you use virtually everyday, it is indeed 100% worth it.

ps the update is welcome and adds some good features. I like the smooth scrolling a lot.

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That struck me as well. My main issue is what I'm using now and have been for a while. On my Windows Phone, iPhone, Nexus 7 I have the offical twitter app (free).
On my desktop (Ubuntu) I'm using Birdie (free), however still end up using the website. So I get what you mean about the $20 price tag.

Side question: I don't have a Mac (yet) so I'm not completely sure, but doesn't OS X have Twitter integration?

Favorite twitter app by farrrrrrr. If only they would allow you to customize themes, or at least use a dark theme.

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They also need to bring improvements to the iPhone app, i recently purchased it & i'm annoyed that i can't even see who retweeted/favorited my tweets unless i click on each individual tweet, unlike the Twitter app.

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I love the iOS Tweetbot app & I had the Mac version beta, but I can't justify $20 w/ free options like Tweetdeck.

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Timeline sync through iCloud or TweetMarker is worth the cost alone IMO. Not to mention the lack of sponsored posts, muting capability, in-feed Instagram image support. For an app I use constantly every day it wasn't unreasonable. I'd give more to have it on my Nexus 7!

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