Quick Review: TweetDeck on iPad


TweetDeck on the iPad is a mixed bag - most of the contents of that bag are utterly awesome for the power-twitter user. If you need to follow a lot of Twitter streams then there's simply no better way to track them all than TweetDeck. If you use TweetDeck on the desktop, you can set up a TweetDeck account and have your chosen columns synchronized between your desktop and iPad. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can send from multiple accounts too.

The not-so-awesome part of the bag comes when you want to view a link from a tweet. In landscape mode you simply can't. In portrait mode what happens is the tweet appears in a at the top of the screen. You can also view profiles, recent tweets, and more. For displaying a single tweet, that area is simply giant. For displaying a web page linked from a tweet, it's maddeningly small.

I said in the video that TweetDeck might my favorite iPad Twitter client, but I'm finding more and more that the portrait mode isn't quite working out for me.

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Dieter Bohn

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Quick Review: TweetDeck on iPad


Hey quick question to the editors of this blog.
Why does the ipad at entry level almost 500 dollars? Are the parts that expensive to make?
Seriously does apple know what else you colud get for that?
A ps3 Xbox Wii small laptop
I've been trying to wrap my head around this for a while. Cam se one plz give me a logical reason for the high price point with so few features

Donny: The possibilities and functionality of the iPad are way beyond a PS3 or XBox. I would know; I own all three. ;)

I agree Dieter. When they fix landscape mode to allow links to work, this will be my preferred iPad Twitter app. Twitterific is my interim...

I am another person disappointed that Facebook isn't available on TweetDeck for the iPad. Here's hoping it is available soon.....