TweetFire for iPhone now available

TweetFire - a Twitter client with Speed and Push Notifications - is now available for iPhone.

TweetFire was built with speed and performance in mind. Are you tired of other clients that take forever to load and try to download all of your data at once? TweetFire is perfect for you! Fast loading and smart refreshing means that you can navigate Twitter at lightning speed.

  • A unique interface giving you shortcuts to all your favorite views in Twitter.
  • Shortcuts for Home Timeline, Mentions, DMs, Favorites, New Search, and User Profile view
  • Add more shortcuts for User Timelines, Searches, and Lists
  • NATIVE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for mentions and other Tweeps you want to follow in real-time.
  • Multi-account support
  • A comprehensive URL scheme so other apps can interact with TweetFire
  • Flickr integration for posting pictures and tweeting them
  • A bunch of other photo sharing providers
  • Instapaper for saving links to tweets and urls
  • Kik Messenger for sharing tweets and urls with other Kik users
  • Deep integration for viewing Favstar pages and awarding "Tweet of the Day"
  • Other sharing options for Facebook, Pinboard, Read It Later, Email, SMS, etc.
  • Save Tweet and DM as Draft, with images
  • Instagram integration
  • One tap search
  • One tap user profile view
  • Quickly add users to lists
  • Add other people's public lists to your home screen

TweetFire is available on the iPhone for free. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

TweetFire for iPhone now available


Thanks for taking the time to post an article about TweetFire! I really appreciate it :)

its a big uphill battle beating out echofon and tweetdeck, I am going to give this a try. Hopefully it doesn't timeout like tweetdeck does randomly. Echofon is pretty solid I can't even pinpoint faults. As long as tweetfire has twitpic uploading ability, ability to reequest private pages and view everyones twitcon, and the ability to RT and add text, its #winning