Tweetie 2.1 Twitter Client for iPhone Brings Geotag, Lists, New-Style Re-Tweets


Tweetie 2.1 [$2.99 - iTunes link] -- a FREE upgrade for Tweetie 2.0 users -- brings support for Twitter's new Geotag feature (so everyone will know where exactly you're tweeting from), Twitter lists (what lists you have, what lists you subscribe to, though not the likely less-wieldly lists you're on), and the controversial new-style re-tweets (where you see the original tweeter in your timeline, not the person you're following who re-tweeted it).

There are other additions as well: report spam (via API), tweet-stream "gap" detection (looks like a torn gap in your timeline), and a tone of other stuff (including disable pin-stripes for the pixel-haters).

So how does Tweetie 2.1 handle all this new stuff? With Atebit's trademark buttery-smooth UI. Geotag is a new icon under the tweet-count drop-down menu. Twitter lists can be accessed via the More (...) icon on the bottom navigation bar, and you can view, manage, and even add new lists right on-device. New-style re-tweets get a small pink corner icon on the top right, and tapping on it brings up the original tweet with text on the bottom telling you which person you follow re-tweeted it.

If you decide to give it a try, let us know how you like it. (Or help me try it out via @reneritchie)

Screenshots galore after the break!

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Tweetie 2.1 Twitter Client for iPhone Brings Geotag, Lists, New-Style Re-Tweets


bahahaha i'm the dummy in the screenshots like WHAT? HOW DO I USE THIS? lmao! glad to be the guinea pig :D

I love this upgrade and honestly enjoy Twitter more through Tweetie than I do through the web.
For those that miss the old "RT" method where you can add comments before retweeting, all you have to do is choose "Quote Tweet" instead of "Retweet".

@Zak Saber, upload your avatar again to Twitter. This is a Twitter API problem and not actually Tweetie.
Tweetie is simply protecting you iPhone data by not allowing huge avatar images over a specific size to download. Because of this bug (on Twitter), some are actually 3000x3000 pixels.
For more info see,
But if you want to fix the avatar thing, simply upload it again to your profile overwriting the old one. Twitter hasn't fixed all avatars "retroactively" yet, but uploading again should fix it.

Why does Tweetie gets a post everytime there's an update? You know Twittelator Pro has all these features a long time before Tweetie and I'm seeing no post about it. This is not about dishing tipb, but I think Tweetie is an over hyped app.

I Agree with Danny Rodri, Twittelator is a better app and Tipb don't post anything about Twittelator. Still love you Tipb but need to be more transparent. Also remember about that blogger fine$$$$$.bye

I think the reason tweetie gets a bit more attention is because it seems to be the preferred client. I have a lot of clients including twittelator pro and to me, nothing beats tweetie's UI and the speed that comes with it. Twittelator updates have been somewhat minor lately. Adding pretty themes and minor list support isn't really something to celebrate. To me anyways. Twitbit got a lot of coverage when it got updated. It's an excellent client as well.

Geotagging is scary - I can turn it off myself but friends might geotag potentially sensitive locations. Don't geotag and tweet from my house!

i've a question about the geo tagging. It seems to be adding the GEO tagging in a way that's only understandable by other tweetie 2 clients(?) I've seen coworkers have twitter posts that include the GEo location in the tweet as a URL to the map. Is there a way to do this with Tweetie 2?

Nice article!
I think the Twitter client landscape has really changed in 2010. New approaches and design strategies have yielded some remarkable new Twitter clients.
TvvitterBug 1.3 is currently in the approval process for release on the App Store this week. This release brings together the culmination of all the features, capabilities, and functionality most sought after in an iPhone/iPod Twitter App, including:

  1. All of the power you want, without the complexity you don’t.
  2. Five (TvvitterBug exclusive) user-customizable Tweet Views.
  3. Up to Five user accounts easily accessible from any view.
  4. Persistent Tweets between launchings so you can view your tweets anytime.
  5. Double-Tap Instant Update to easily and quickly refresh your tweet views on demand.
  6. Built-in Photo capabilities to add photos directly to your tweets.
  7. Built-in Translation support using any of the state-of-the-art web translation engines you choose, such as Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, or Promt Translator.
  8. Built-in Web Access to view tweet embedded pictures and other URLs.
  9. Editable User Profile, including setting a new Avatar picture.
  10. Support for both “Fixed” and “Editable” Retweets – your choice.
  11. Landscape support for both Views and Keyboard.
  12. Automatic Language detection and display – great when you’re surfing!
  13. The same ease-of-use and lightning fast operation as the original version.

I think your readers would be interested in learning more about TvvitterBug from your review.

I can see why advertisers will like it, but why would anyone want the whole world to know exactly where they are every minute of the day? Personally, I think Twitter is more about who you are and what you say. I'll pass on geo-tagging...

Is there a way to set the geotagging to just be for "place" and not exact location? That would be betther to have the option