Twelve South introduces BookArc möd for Macbook with interchangeable inserts

Twelve South has started selling a great new accessory for Macbook owners called the BookArc möd. This is a continuation of their established and excellent Macbook holder, with a few key differences. Now the BookArc comes in one of three types of hardwood finishes, and is universally compatible, so you can upgrade or switch Macbooks whenever you like. This is accomplished through a replaceable middle insert.

Personally, I like having my laptop screen and my primary monitor viewable at the same time, but that's not always practical, given how much desk real estate is available. How is your Macbook set up in your home or office? Is the BookArc something that would be useful to you?

Source: Twelve South

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Reader comments

Twelve South introduces BookArc möd for Macbook with interchangeable inserts


Who designed this?

A non-computer user?

I don't get it.

Who could possibly not want to use the Macbook's screen
as a second monitor?

Answer: Video editors and other people who already have a suite
of 2 or 3 large screen monitors on their desktop waiting to be driven
by a Macbook.

Not a huge number of people, I would have thought.

I have a product similar to this at home and at work because even though I would love to use my MacBook's screen as a second display, I would lose desk real estate to the keyboard/trackpad. I could use the keyboard/trackpad on the MacBook but that takes me off center from my primary display. The point is, I find it an easy way to eliminate clutter on my desk while docking.

Everyone's use case is different.

Hi Jsmith,

Once someone gets used to using 2 monitor screens, it becomes more
and more difficult for them to revert back to using only one.

Even if it is not always essential, EVERY SO OFTEN, it will save you a huge
amount of time and agony, by allowing you to drag over one active
window to the second screen and then instantly work in another screen,
using information from the first screen, whether this is copying text, say
from a map which shows dimensional relations between towns along with
the exact spelling of their names, or being able to work simultaneously in
an interactive manner with several applications which both need a large
amount of real estate.

And of course in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, each display is fully independent
with Mac menus at the top and a dock of Apps at the bottom, so it is like having
two independent computers in one. Your Macbook will need to be placed on a
support of some kind to allow the bottom of its screen to align with the bottom
of the other monitor, but you can then use the desk space under it, and you are
never using the laptop's keyboard and trackpad, which are now located too high off your desk top.

Warning: the use of a second monitor can be highly addictive. Exercise
caution. You may otherwise one day find yourself springing for a 2nd large
display, in which case the tidy little BookArc möd you bought earlier could become useful again.

You do realize this isn't a new product, right? Apparently, enough people requested different finishes for them to make this product & I'm sure not all people care tonuse more than one monitor.

You might want to use your laptop to drive 3 monitors. Now possible with a USB to HDMI adapter, such as the Plugable UGA-3000 USB 3.0 to VGA / DVI / HDMI.

Definitely something i would use. When I am at work i do run of the mill office stuff that doesn't require an extra monitor and my desk is small. I have a 27" external monitor and my MacBook stays out of the way. Don't need anything flashy, just need something to keep my MacBook out of the way.