Twilight star Ashley Greene takes her iPhone for a walk

Twilight star Ashley Greene decided to take her purple-cased iPhone out for a walk. Looks like she's still rocking an iPhone 3GS but given the way she's holding it... well, that might be for the best right now. Still, we hope to see her rocking the iPhone 4 next time, okay Ms. Greene?

For those not familiar, Twilight is the third movie in a series based on the popular Twilight Saga books about the ill-fated love affair between humans, vampires, and ware-wolves. Leanna tried to fill me in -- apparently it's like smartphone editors, iPhone, Android, and webOS, or some such -- but I'm too old and unhip it seems.

(Back in my day vampires didn't sparkle in the sun -- they sizzled and screamed and burst into fiery pyres of evil bits. So while I can't say I don't hope Anne Rice and Joss Whedon aren't eating Twilight's author over a nice pint of B-neg as I type this, I can appreciate a member of the cast using TiPb's signature device.)

One more shot, after the break.

See your favorite actor, actress, singer, or sport celebrity using an iPhone or iPad? Send them our way and we'll include them in our next weekly roundup.

[Thanks for the pics, DL!]

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Reader comments

Twilight star Ashley Greene takes her iPhone for a walk


Omar rocks his IPhone 4 when he rips and runs. "I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase, but its all in the game though, right?"

Normally I don't agree with the people that post "This is news?" type comments, but I completely agree with them on this one. Why do I care which celebrity has an iPhone? I wouldn't doubt many of them have one, considering how popular they are. This is not worthy of being on tipb.

I think this is cool. It's like the crackberry site when they spot celebs rocking BB. Sure, it's not news, but it's fun to see anyway.

Meh.....let me know when a facetime naughty vid surfaces with her in it. Until then, I don't care.

For those not familiar, Twilight is the third movie in a series based on the popular Twilight Saga books
I'd like to point out that "Twilight" is actually the first movie. The third is titled "Eclipse"
How could a big blog miss something like that?

"Back in my day vampires didn’t sparkle in the sun — they sizzled and screamed and burst into fiery pyres of evil bits."
These days, vampirism is just an extra level of teen angst.

@Steven- You are obviously part of the 13-15 year old female demographic that the movie is geared towards.

It doesn't take a retard to know what order the books are. Just because I know a simple fact, and made a helpful observation, doesn't give you the right to make a snide comment at me.

Wow. I wish I could come up with words to describe how utterly disappointed I am to see this as a post but I can't. often posts news updaes like these (celebrities seen sporting their smartphones).

I just hope all the celebs get iPhone 4 I'm tired of seeing blurry ass pictures on twitter. We know they got the money it's a shame they can't take decent pictures.

totally pointless post.. haha, the redeeming thing is that she is really pretty. thanks i guess :]

i love how on one website, the story about this photo is "look, she has a shirt that shows off her belly", yet on TIPB, it's about "look at how she holds that iPhone"

Thought y'all were above this kind of link bait stuff. Shame! why not just add vampires, twilight and all the star's names to your meta tags? You will probably get the same amount of traffic for it and we, your loyal readers, will be none the wiser.
Seriously, not enough iOS4 news for you lately?
belly-button-thursdays is a Bad Idea.

Most sites do. We stopped for a while because every TV show seemed to be using iPhones and it was just too much. We'll probably stick with doing them once a week or so. Some folks like them, some folks hate them, but luckily we can all skip the one post we don't for the many we do.
(And yeah, I just totally needed an excuse to write that line about Rice and Whedon...)

really this is news?
seems like your just trying to get hits and stuff the site with the correct keywords :(

I took my iPhone into the bathroom with me. Could you write a byline on that, Rene?

Judging from the way she's holding it, i'd much rather that be me instead of her 3GS in that photo. Have a nice day!

Please, PLEASE Don't give press to anything that involves twilight :(. They wimpified Vampires! Aghhhhh

Seriously Rene ?
This is what TiPB has come to?
Never imagined I'd see iPhone and Twilight being mentioned in the same blog post.

I don't care about celebrities either guys but this is an iPhone site so it makes sense. Everybody just calm down and go to the next post.

Lighten up folks! Holeee, I thought iPhone owners had a better sense of humour. My Gawd for all the Apple/iPhone crap/problems "I just have to laugh or I'll cry" really is appropriate here :-D

Must be a boring writing day; don't see any news in this story. Everyday people carry their iphone too!