Twirl! for iPhone and iPad review

Twirl! for iPhone and iPad review

Twirl! is a refreshing approach to the world of puzzle games. It has a classic goal -- matching colors -- but a unique method -- twirling a block of 9 squares around the center square. Moving 8 blocks in single move is what makes Twirl! for iPhone and iPad so challenging.

The main goal of Twirl! is to create 3x3 squares of the same color. To play, tap on a small square. When you do, the 8 squares around it will rotate in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. You are allowed to specify which direction the twirl will go. You are also allowed to undo any of your moves.

There are three game modes: Classic, Separator, and Survival. In Classic mode, you are given 50, 100, or 200 twirls to make as many matches as possible. You have the same goal in Survival mode, only the number of twirls you have is not fixed. The more squares you make, the more twirls you get, and the amount of twirls you gain per square is dependent on which level you are in. In Separator mode, the goal is not to create these 3x3 squares like in Classic and Survival, but to group all the squares of the same color together. You can choose to play with two or three colors.

I recommend playing in Survival mode first because it doesn't have a limit on the number of moves you get. This allows you to really learn how to control your twirls and pick up techniques that will give you an advantage for Classic and Survival modes.

I'll admit to first being a little overwhelmed with Twirl! because of how much was happening in a single move, but once I relaxed and focused, I actually became hooked to the game. It's definitely a challenging game, but not so difficult that all fun is lost.

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Twirl! for iPhone and iPad review


This is exactly like Lights Out, which I used to have... Twice! Once as a teen and then at some point I had it as an adult.
I might have to snag this!

did you see the skittles stopmotion trailer? that's what got me to download it..but the game is the perfect addictive simple thing to play on the way to work every morning and in breaks! TWirl