Twittelator Neue now offers push notifications

The gorgeous twitter client, Twittelator Neue for iPhone, now offers notifications as an in-app purchase. For $1.99/year, you get native push alerts for mentions, direct messages, new followers, retweets, and being added to a list (or any so desired combination). This update also introduces Timeline Galleries so that you can quickly browse through photos that have been tweeted.

I have always been a fan of Twittelator Neue's gorgeous timeline, design, and photo integration, but have always strayed from using it as my primary Twitter client due to lack of native push. Now, Twittelator Neue will likely become my Twitter client of choice. I will admit, however, that I'm not a big fan of the little icon included in each popup notification.

In the excitement of push notifications, I almost forgot about the Timeline Galleries! This is such a fantastic new feature and is just another example of what sets Twittelator Neue apart from other Twitter clients, making it truly unique.

In celebration of this update, Twittelator is on sale for $0.99 for today only.

Here's the update notes:

  • Neue Notifications Available as In-App Purchase
  • Timeline Galleries
  • Recent User Photos
  • Tweet Replies & Conversations

Anyone else picking up Twittelator Neue? What are you thoughts on the subscription model for push notifications?

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Twittelator Neue now offers push notifications


I thought we were past paying for push notifications. This is a ripoff, just get boxcar or a different twitter client.

Are u guys paid to promote this app? You write about it a lot. Something is up..with this
First the app is not as good as some out there now they charge for a feature that comes free with the other 99.9% apps and y'all think they invented the wheel.
Something smells FISHY!

Nope. Definitely not getting paid. I genuinely like the app.
And this is only the 2nd time Twittelator Neue got it's own dedicated post. The 1st time was to give it away.

Look this Twittelator Neue looks great but it's no Tweetbot. Switching from portrait to landscape is PAINFULLY slow and there's just no way I'd cough up $2 for notifications that are free on Tweetbot and the native Twitter app. If this app's UI was as fully featured as Tweetbot then ok but's not.
Three stars max.

I'm a huge Tweetbot fan and still undecided on which one will by my main twitter client. I never even considered Twittelator Neue without native push, but now I'm giving it a try. I miss the Tweetbot shortcuts, but I'm in love Twittelator's UI... and font.

the reason why imore loves twittelator neue is because of the eye candy. the way you move from screen to screen, the way pictures bounce when you view them, the way you can preview pictures within your timeline, the sound effects, and now the timeline gallery makes it a joy to use. It makes other twitter apps feel bland. It's my main twitter app even without the push notification.
If you don't want to pay for the push notification download an app called boxcar. It sends you your twitter notifications and opens whatever your favorite twitter app is to view it. I have it set for twittelator.
Give twittelator neue a try; you'll enjoy it. (And no I wasn't paid to say this.)

Whilst I don't agree with it of course they can justify it.
The servers that keep constant 24/7 stream connections open to Twitter and then process and relay that to Apple's APNS servers require money.
Each stream connection to Twitter can only monitor 100 user accounts, so lets say they have a 20,000 users on their push servers (around half their follower count) then they need to keep a constant 200 HTTPS connections open at all times.
Most of us that develop Twitter apps with push notifications simply pay for that out of the standard app sales fee, and as I say whilst I don't agree with charging extra for Push Notifications, I CAN understand why they do.

Never really understood all the love for Tweetbot. I used it for a couple of months and did get used to its UI but it is severely lacking to other clients. Any up to date twitter client should have inline photos. Having to double tap for links is also a pain. Nueu is better in both these respects. Now with its push, it is better all around. Also people complaining about the price, $.99 + $1.99 is still a penny less tan what Tweebot costs you anyway. I know that's only for a year but I am betting something will change before your year is up.

With push notifications, this app is now almost flawless (I'm still waiting for the Mute button :D). Its UI is absolutely the best looking out there, and the number of features just beats most, including Tweetbot. Even though with the notifications and the usual price of $1.99, this app will cost more than Tweetbot, the unique user experience it offers is really something worth considering. I've been a huge fan of Twittelator (both the Pro and the Neue), partly because the team that designed those apps is very dedicated. You don't have funny bugs or app crashes like you would with some other paid apps, Andrew Stone takes the trouble to personally answer your questions regarding the app on Twitter, and the updates come fairly regularly. I really hope that Twittelator Pro would get push too. Once it does, it will be, hands down, the best twitter client out there.

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I was wondering what the following items might be worth. I would appreciate any input from Tom or any others that might have an idea as to value. Might be interested in parting with parts or all items if price is right.