Twitter 6.3 brings photo tagging, lets you tweet up to four pictures at once

Twitter 6.3 brings photo tagging, lets you tweet up to four pics at once

Twitter updated their app to version 6.3 today, bringing photo tagging and the ability to tweet multiple photos at once. Twitter says that the goal of this is to make photos more social.

You can now tag up to 10 people in a photo that you tweet. Importantly, tagging doesn't use any characters, so you still have all 140 for a message. To tag someone, select one of your photos and tap on "Who's in this photo" when it comes up. Then type and select the name of the person you want to tag. You can add up to nine more names to the photo. After the photo is tweeted, tags will appear next it, and let users navigate to a tagged person's profile by tapping their name.

You can also tweet up to four photos at once. Simply select four images from the composer to place them in a tweet. Tap on one of the photos to make it larger, then swipe to view the rest at that size. Both multiple photos and tagging will appear in embedded tweets.

Source: Twitter

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Twitter 6.3 brings photo tagging, lets you tweet up to four pictures at once


Twitter is getting better and better.. So sad it's not popular at all in my country (Bulgaria)... Wish all people to leave Facebook for Twitter.. So sick of ads/page/people/group/events suggestion.. And games notifications.. HATE IT!

Last week with the comments about hashtags and @replies there was a lot of chatter about Twitter abandoning those aspects. Yet what struck me was journalists seemingly group-thinking all in the wrong way. The comments made by Twitter led me to believe that @replies and hashtags were still going to be important, but since they are the "language" of twitter, that they would stop counting on your character limit. This update seems to support that. If so, I say good!

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So will other Twitter clients be able to do this? I can't wait to see the implementation in Tweetbot! Sorry, can't get down with the native app. Oh, and @iSRS that would be great so I hope so too! They are the "language" of Twitter and nullifying the character limit that they create would be awesome. Although it would just mean that people would incessantly use hashtags lol

I've done the update to the app in the UK but none of the new features work yet. When trying to select more than 1 image, on tapping one it brings up the effect editor - then the only option is to 'ok' it and post.

Anyone else having this issue?

Even though the update is installed, the new features are being rolled out over a period of time. They should show up soon.

These new features are great, but if the native app would just add a bookmarking feature that would sync across all platforms, I would drop the third party clients in a New York minute. It is a pain when you haven't checked your feed for awhile (read: overnight), load more tweets, and have it shoot to the top of your timeline! Why can't they adopt the upper half, new tweets added in place, feature that Tweetbot and Twitteriffic use?

Shouldn't it be worth mentioning that none of these new features are available on the iPad? Twitter releases constantly updates of their iOS app with new features, but although this is a universal app, these features are never included on the iPad. A very strange fact that should be worth a separate article on iMore.

I absolutely love the official twitter app, I would just like to be able to mute words and hashtags (even some people). I live on the west coast and a lot of the people I follow are on the east, so when my favorite shows are on I have to leave twitter to avoid spoilers.

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