Twitter is about to make direct messages a little less maddening


Managing your direct messages on Twitter is about to get a lot more convenient, as the microblogging service announced today that it is rolling out an update over the coming weeks that makes "deleting DMs more consistent" across the web and mobile. Twitter is also in the process of updating its iOS and Android apps that will allow you to access your entire DM history from within the app.

To enable this change, Twitter mentioned on its support page that it is "restructuring back-end elements" of its DM system, and that as a result users would be unable to send URLs in direct messages.

Do you use the DM feature a lot to chat with your friends? What do you guys think of the upcoming update?

Source: Twitter

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Reader comments

Twitter is about to make direct messages a little less maddening


Does anyone use the official Twitter app? So much advertising, snooping on what other peope are doing, no mute, no sync....

Muting was recently added officially to Twitter, but IMO still not worth using over some third party apps.

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Not being able to send URLs sucks, but it's not new. Twitter is already behind on the "messaging" race, DMs would be an ok competitor to FB Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, if it was less restricted.

I moved to Tweetbot as one of my other apps because of the advertising. If it was from companies that I follow then I would be okay but it is most definitely not. Hopefully they will fix the advert's in an update soon.