Twitter for iOS 6.0 adds swipable timelines, photos in direct messages

Twitter for iOS 6.0 adds swipable timelines, photos in direct messages

Twitter for iOS received a major update today, moving to version 6.0 with a refreshed design and some new tricks. The two major changes in the design are the new navigation bar and addition of the Activity and Discover timelines, accessed by swiping through the Timelines tab. Direct messages have also been moved to the navigation bar for easy, one-tap access from anywhere in the app.

Speaking of direct messages, they are now capable of handling photos. Simply tap the the photo icon next to the compose window, then either select the photo you want or tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the gallery. This refresh of DMs lines up with recent reports about a renewed focus on the feature.

There are other, smaller changes with Twitter 6.0. You can now choose to see replies, retweets, and favorites from only people that you follow. Search is also easier, letting you find tweets from people you follow and those around you from search results. Finally, Twitter for iOS now lets you save items to read later in Safari's Reading List.

You can download the update from the App Store now.

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Reader comments

Twitter for iOS 6.0 adds swipable timelines, photos in direct messages


Maybe it is worth to mention that all the described new functionalties of version 6.0 are not available on the iPad. It's really strange. Although Twitter is an universal app, all changes of the last updates are not effecting the iPad version.

Twitter has vastly improved its app for iOS. However, two problems still persist. First, lists are buried in the app when they should be accessed with one tap. Second, the app supports Dynamic Type when it should have its own font sizes within the settings.

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Thumbs up, Twitter! It is always good to hear of positive improvements. :D
(I am still currently addicted to Tweetbot 3.)

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Anyone else read that headline and think "why are they doing an article for iOS 6 instead if iOS 7" ?

Lots of enhancements. Good! Twitter is really trying to step up their game with all these new functionalities.

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It's nice and clean, very iOS 7. I haven't checked out the native twitter app in some time. I like it, I just wish it had swipe controls like Tweetbot 3, and Twitterific 5. Also, dark theme that auto switches with the day.

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Can you change font sizes in this version? I'm still on 5.12-the last known version to have this option. Thanks. :)

Still wish it would load more than 100 tweets at a time. My nightime feed always exceeds that and it's difficult to position the new tweets without scrolling back down to where I left off. Otherwise, a solid upgrade.