Twitter for iOS adds two-step authentication

Twitter for iOS updates with two-step authentication management

Twitter for iOS has been updated, adding the ability to activate two-step authentication in the app, along with enhancements to viewing and finding photos. Twitter users can now enroll in and manage login verification through the Twitter app and no longer need to use SMS or give Twitter their phone number. People using login verification can now generate backup codes in case they lose their device.

You can now view another user's photos in a gallery, which is accessed through their profile. Tap "View more photos" when looking at their profiles to access the gallery, which is also where you will see photo search results.

The update gives users more control over their lists. You can now create new lists and edit existing ones, including their names, descriptions, and members. This update also contains a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Source: Twitter

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Twitter for iOS adds two-step authentication

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What about a "mute/muffle" function!!!
It's urgently needed and one of the two reasons I don't use the official app. The other reason being the incessant advertising ...