Twitter for iPhone is here, what do you think?

Twitter for iPhone

Twitter for iPhone (aka Tweetie 3.0) is finally here and... it's pretty much the same as before with a few interesting tweaks up front and behind the scenes. Here's the full change list:

  • Search has been reorganized, now you can search all tweets and find users in the same spot, view Top Tweets and Browse Suggested users.
  • Search results now include Top Tweets, try it with Trends...winner combo!
  • You can now use Twitter without an account! Search, Browse uses, view trends and top tweets.
  • Sign-up is now availabile within the application as well, complete with Suggested user list.
  • More tab has been re-organized to accomplish all this. Users with one account can add a second account under the Accounts and Settings button here.
  • Actions we’ve found people use most, like Retweet have been moved to the main actions bar.
  • Minor tweaks were made to tweet rendering so they match tweets

No new-fangled OAuth, so there will have to be an update before Twitpocalypse 2010 renders current logins inopperative. No push so you'll still have to use a middle-app like Boxcar if you want that. But it is Free and it is Twitter owned now.

So what do you think?

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone is here, what do you think?


Not impressed. Wish that push would have been included. Would have been a great surprise. Also lost all my accounts, searches, etc from Tweetie. Had to basically start setup from scratch.

I agree with Nicke and will continue using Echofon for same reasons plus Twitter does not mark the new tweets.

Tried it, but ehhhh. Can someone explain how the favorities work? I hit it by accident and then I couldn't delete it. Can someone help? I think I like echofon better.

The words "Official" and "free" are my favorite two words when hearing of a new app....
and to the dude who thinks the icon is ugly, in June with os4.0 drop, just throw it in a "folder" and never think twice ;)

Tweetdeck is ideal for me. Categorizing the people you subscribe to makes it so easy. Surprised there is no push on the Twitter app. Also, there are select people I subscribe to for text messages.. why can't any Twitter clients incorporate this option into their push notifications for all tweets from selected people, not just mentions and DM's???

old icon was so much more attractive.. if they kept that metallic look but with the bird it would be top.

i'm a cheapskate and i hate ads, so this is a natural pick for me. i've been using echofon free so far, will give this a go now and see how i like it.

Not impressed. First, it didn't upgrade with my existing accounts. Then I find all of my DMs are "new" again. Finally, it's uglier than the previous version. I wish I could roll back.

Switched from Tweetie 2 to Twitbird a month or so ago. Best iPhone client out there IMO. Ain't no way I'm switchin' back.

Tried it, not bad, doesn't allow follow of hashtags, which i need at times. Also, push is something I really want/need at certain times. It'll get better i imagine, but will others care at that point.

Not very impressed over Tweetie 2. That said, it's my favorite iPhone twitter client (due to pull-down refreshing) and I prefer it over any of my iPad Twitter clients (of which my favorite is Twitterific so far, but don't care for the Refresh button).

I personally didn't expect too many new things and differences. Twitter bought Tweetie because it was considered the best and it's not generally smart to mess with something that's already a proven winner.
I think some of the things people complain about (like push notifications) will come in future versions. Especially when Twitter finally makes the "Real Time API" available.

They changed "quote tweet" again... now it surrounds the entire tweet in quotes. It used to do [tweet] /via @username, but at one time, you had the option to do RT @username: [tweet], which EVERY other Twitter app on the PLANET does.

I like reportage's way of letting you tune into the tweets of each of the people you follow individually (instead of the all-in-one-timeline approach of all the other clients I've seen)... so I'll still be using Reportage to at least read tweets.

Well I had Tweetie 2 before so I think its a bit more sensitive and a nice upgrade
and seem to be pretty fast too :o)

I'm so happy I paid for this app and now it's free. And I have no idea why they don't mark new tweets like Echofon...

I've converted over from Twitterific. I mean, I gave it five stars when I'd deleted it, but I'm just feeling this official app more. I'd made no use of push tweets from the start, so it's not something I'm missing. I agree the icon could be more æsthetic, but it's not a huge bother. It's mostly a learning curve.

I'm confused about people wanting push. Do you want it to just push updates to your phone? Couldn't you just add people to text update for that or am I missing something?

No, not impressed, I'm sticking with the best ever; Echofon 2.5.1
Naan ph@cked up the 3.0.... versions, removed the themes + full of bugs: why o why ??

Off subject. Everytime I go into the app store on my device, I get a pop up to enter my password. Never did this before until I wanted to buy a program. Sometimes I want to browse. Was this a unknown to customer sneaky update?

It used to happen to me too, and it is due to some app download gone bad. Just open itunes and then the download window (the one just below the itunes store in the left side).
Yuo should have an arrow button in there saying something like "you have x downloads avalaible". Hit that and this should fix it!

Not too bad. My fav is the slide screen down to refresh. Think i'll stick to it. Would be nice to have a quick scroll back up like on safari!!!

No adds, lists, loads fast, clean GUI. I think there's plenty to like. Sure it lacks some features of paid apps, but it does what I need it to do.

Dres79: every single iphone app has a "quick scroll back up" function. it's a system feature. just tap on the title bar.

I don't look at twitter for hours at a time, and the new Twitter app won't let me keep viewing previous posts. Right now, it stops at 4 hours previous to now. Tweetie 2 allowed me to view as far back as I wanted. Boo. That's the biggest drawback so far. But Retweet is back! Yay!

Same as Tweetie2 but still without Push :/
I think it runs smoother though, bit less buggy with favourites and the swipe menu.
Really hope they push a big update soon.

Love it. The changes, while small, are very nice. I agree, though, that the icon bad and not as good as the old icon. So now I want the iPad app. I'm definitely not very satisfied with my Twitter options on the iPad.

Doesn't render websites properly when you go to links in a tweet. Want a dark theme. Sticking with Twittelator.

@Dres79 Twitbird does both. Give it a try for free. And it pushes DMs and Mentions. Normally I don't promote apps but it's killer.

For those that want push, please get off now. Local Notifications would be better fit for a Twitter app.
In other news, the biggest thing I like about the new update is the Trend page. It's awesome... except the option to use the Trending Topic in your post is a bit lacking. I just hate the fact that I bought Tweetie the day before they announced it would be owned by Twitter and made free.

A lot of people talk about echophone but I still like Twittelator. Other then no push for mentions or DM it runs smooth.

Funny, but it feels like that great refreshing feature is somewhat looser, anyone felt the same?

Phil, Actually youre wrong tweetie was first to do it then others copied it. its not a standard apple feature

They've made it worse. First of all, the way they show tweets which have been retweeted, is stupid. While Tweetie showed a nice, unobtrusive purple corner in addition to showing both users' avatars, Twitter takes a piss on all that and uses the same awful implementation like on their website -- the long line "Retweeted by Blah Blah Blah". Here's a screenshot:
Also Tweetie's icon was prettier, Twitter's just looks cheap. (I'm even using Winterboard to get the old icon back.)

Also, I don't like how they've thrown a bunch of buttons in the tweet-swipe-bar, without any thought. The Retweet button shouldn't have been separate, and the Attachments and User button aren't really relevant -- all the links and the user could be accessed by tapping on the tweet.
So no, I liked Tweetie much better :P

I'd say I like it enough for my main Twitter app. I will still keep Echofon for push, obviously, though I'm sure it'll come eventually to this app. However, Twitter app runs WAY smoothing than Echofon, from loading tweets to scrolling and switching screens. People are complaining about not marking new tweets like Echofon but Twitter does the break between new and old, how is that not enough. Also, with Echofon, if you navigated away from the main timeline screen, many times it'd kick up to the top automatically, losing your place on the tweet you were reading before. Twitter app does not do that, which is nice. Tweetie 2.0 had the quote tweet option with that " /via" nonsense which was awful. I'm not crazy about the "[tweet}]" option either but it's better than it was in Tweetie 2. (Have no idea why it would be such a damn crime to allow the RT, function like Echofon and Tweetdeck. Twitter users are smart enough to know the difference. Then again, I'm still not a fan of the "official" retweet format.] There's not much else that Echofon or others do that Twitter doesn't. Overall, it's a pretty damn good first attempt at an official app. Hasn't crashed once, either. Grade : B

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