Official Twitter for iPhone app leak reveals major update, interactive features and better notifications

Twitter for iPhone to get a major update, interactive features and better notifications

The official Twitter for iPhone app is about to receive new interactive features along with a much better notification system. The information comes by way of a leaked App Store update description spotted by [9to5 Mac].(

Twitter, in recent months, has come under fire due to potential new changes to its mobile application API and the lack of power-user features in its official mobile device apps. It appears that this controversy may change in the coming days, as leaked release notes show some impressive new changes. Twitter for iPhone 4.3 is incoming and it brings several new features focusing on interactivity, enhanced notifications, searching, performance, and more.

It is about time that Twitter for iPhone received a significant update and some of the new features do sound very interesting. Finally we are seeing unique features in Twitter's own app, like the ability to have push notifications for individuals. If you want to know when a close friend of yours has something interesting to say, you will know about it straight away.

The question is, with Twitter's new direction and new features, how much room will be left for all the other Twitter apps in the App Store?

If you don't use the official Twitter for iPhone, would you contemplate switching back to it after this update is released? Other apps still appear to offer a better user interface and a lot more power user features. Is that incentive for Twitter to compete to make the best app, or simply start making those other apps less attractive or available via even more controversial API limitations?

You can see the leaked release notes via the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Official Twitter for iPhone app leak reveals major update, interactive features and better notifications


It may not be an issue of whether you switch to it. If Twitter plays with their API, the third party Twitter clients may be locked out on the features they can provide, and the official Twitter app may be the only option for all features. It will be interesting, but I personally am going to find it difficult to replace Tweetbot.

<p>I totally agree with you. I love Tweetbot too, but I&#39;m glad to see Twitter making changes and improvements to the official app, especially since it seems like their goal is to eliminate our beloved 3rd party apps like Tweetbot. I hope that&#39;s not the case, because Tweetbot has been very good to me, but if it&#39;s forced to fall behind, what other choice will users have?</p>

But where is list management? Not only can I not add/remove users from a list but I also can't view more than ~100 tweets in a list itself. Basically, if I want to "manage" a list I will need to either use a third party app or have two twitter apps installed on my iPhone.