Twitter for iPhone update brings back swipe shortcut

Twitter for iPhone has received yet another update and brings back some high-demand features including the swipe shortcut. There is also a nice clear warning that explicitly states that the Find Friends feature accesses your contacts' email addresses and phone numbers.

Some other new features include the ability to copy and paste the contents of a tweet, and share tweeted links. The Direct Messages UI has also been updated and now allows you to mark all messages as read. Lastly, you can adjust the font size from Settings.

It's great to see Twitter make these improvements, but I'm still not a fan of the overall look and layout of the app. Andrew also reports that the swipe shortcut is rather sluggish on his iPhone 4. But my opinion is by no means the only one, so let us know what you think about the update in the comments below! If you are using a different Twitter client, is this enough to bring you back to the official Twitter for iPhone?

It's important to note that although Twitter is a universal application for iPhone and iPad, these changes are only reflected on the iPhone.

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone update brings back swipe shortcut


Hm, Twitter for Android had the essential features that were apparently just introduced in this mentioned release. And no laggy, swipe action. Just a thought.

Actually, they weren't "just introduced" as they were features that were included prior to the version 4 upgrade. For some reason, they were not placed back in as version 4 was a major upgrade. Now, the features are back; hence the "brings back" in the first sentence of the article.

I prefer Tweetbot, as this has much more features and is quick and simple to use. I also like the fact that with Tweetbot for example it syncs your time line so you can read on your iphone and then carry on on your ipad from where you left off.
Also although I do like the standard Twitter Client I just don't like the fact that the UI and useability is one way on the iphone and then completely different on the iPad client..

Truly beneficial thank you, There's no doubt that your readers would probably want far more items along these lines carry on the excellent work.