Twitter for iPhone gets updated, new design comes along with it

Twitter had begun rolling out a massive new design overhaul focused on consistency, which calling #letsfly, and is available now in a freshly updated Twitter for iPhone.

The #letsfly update aims to make your Twitter experience faster and simpler. Your main timeline is now called "Home" and your mentions are now "Connect" and they added a quick way to access hash tags and searches which is called "Discover". It certainly does look fresh and clean, and may be more accessible to new users.

On the down side, Direct Messages (DM's) have been buried under the "Me" tab, as has account switching. (Though you can swipe up to get DM's and left to switch accounts, slightly speeding up the process.)

Notably, this is the first major update since Loren Brichter -- the innovative developer behind the original Twitter for iPhone and Mac (called Tweetie before it was bought out) and iPad -- left Twitter a short time ago.

The #letsfly update for Twitter for iPhone is available now in the App Store.

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone gets updated, new design comes along with it


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They took away the quick-swipe shortcuts for replies, RT's, and other things!!! That was the best part and now it's gone. Maybe they can add it back in a future update.

Nice new interface. I don't like how you change between accounts, though. But then I'm not a real power-user for Twitter.
And give me a darn count of new tweets. That's the reason I mainly use Osfoora. If Twitter would add that in, I'd be all about it.

I am not happy that the feature where you could swipe a tweet and have easy access to reply, retweet, favorIte, etc. is gone. I used it a lot. It might be a deal breaker for me. SimplyTweet anyone?

Slick interface. Seems more in line with the website. Oh well. Wish they'd add some sort of Tweet longer, but Ubersocial handles that for me.