Twitter for Mac brings photos front and center, more

Twitter for Mac brings photos front and center, more

Twitter, the popular miniblogging service, has updated its own eponymous client for the Mac to version 3.0.0. The new version is available for immediate download from the Mac App Store.

The 3.0.0 release gets a number of enhancements, such as more prominent photo previews; if you click on them, you'll see more. You can also check out the tweet detail pane to see the conversation around a tweet, favorite and retweet counts. Profiles now show header photos. The overall look and feel of the app has been refreshed, as well.

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Twitter for Mac brings photos front and center, more


I've never used the Twitter app on the Mac before and even though it means having another app open, I kinda like not constantly swapping between Safari tabs. It's more natural for me to Command + Tab than to Command + Shift + Left/Right Arrow.

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If I remember right, wasn't Tweetdeck developed by someone else and later bought by Twitter then rereleased as a more robust Twitter client. I'll try to double check that for you.

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I'd say the real big difference is this:
Twitter - 1 screen at a time.
TweetDeck - multiple screens at once.

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