Twitter for Mac finally goes Retina, upgrades Tweet composer on the way

Twitter for Mac

The official Twitter for Mac application hasn't seen an update in a while, but the one that dropped today brings something that has been long overdue. The headline feature upgrade is that now, Twitter for Mac is finally Retina Display ready, meaning it looks oh so much better on the Retina MacBook Pro range. And it really does.

Beautifying the app isn't all that's gone on though. In addition, the app icon and iconography has been updated, and the Tweet Composer has been given some love with a new design and the ability to post pictures to Twitter's own picture service.

And, for folks that need certain languages, Twitter for Mac now supports an additional 14 of them. To grab yourselves a copy and to check out the list in full head on into the Mac App Store. If you're a Twitter for Mac user on a Retina Mac, be sure to let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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Twitter for Mac finally goes Retina, upgrades Tweet composer on the way

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What happened to Twitter's stance that there would be no more future updates? I mean, I'm glad they did but why the sudden change? And the Retina upgrade isn't a big deal because there was already a hacked version that did that. And last but not least, thanks for the update but it's still using Growl for notifications, what up with that? Couldn't they at least add Mountain Lion notifications. I guess that updating it now may show promise and they will continue to add to the app.