Twitter rolling out ability to mute accounts to its official apps

Twitter rolling out ability to mute accounts in official apps

Rejoice! Twitter now has a mute button! Well, it's more so a mute option, to be hidden nuder the profile settings gear in web client as well as the official Twitter apps for Android and iOS, but there's a mute option coming to Twitter regardless. Merely select that option for the user that's getting to be too much for you and they'll be silenced out of your existence. It's that simple.

The mute option will hide any postings to Twitter from that muted individual, be they in your timeline or that user mentioning you. They'll still see your Tweets, and will be able to favorite, reply, and retweet them — you just won't see them anymore. And they won't know that you've muted them. And, of course, you can unmute them should you think it time to do so.

Unlike some third-party Twitter apps which offer more comprehensive muting options, Twitter's newly-rolled-out mute feature only lets you toggle on-and-off muting for individual users. There's no timed muting officially from Twitter, nor is there any muting from a keyword or client.

Thanks to Twitter's size, the mute feature won't be available immediately to all users, but it is in the process of rolling out. With Twitter now supporting the muting of users, who are you going to be muting?

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Twitter rolling out ability to mute accounts to its official apps


I've been waiting for this mute feature for years, because I really do love the look and simplicity of the official twitter app. Unfortunately, I still won't be able to use it because for me, it's more important to be able to mute keywords and hashtags than actual people. I guess I'll stick with tweetbot until twitter adds that feature, which will probably take years.

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I won't be using it either. I must have the option to mute hashtags and clients. Sticking with Tweetbot

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We're all personifications of ourselves on social networking. The social ""me"" is not quite the same as the true me. However you're correct, Twitter caught some of that 'realness'. The enchantment is gone now. So now, not just would you be able to waste you time posting junk that hobbies nobody, you won't even have the capacity to

Nice update. Little by little, the official Twitter app is developing from an ok app to a great one.