Twitter testing video ads on mobile

Twitter has launched a beta for promoted tweets containing video content. That means more prominent advertising in your Twitter experience, which should go hand-in-hand with the irrelevant follower notifications, unhelpful follow suggestions, and plain old text sponsored tweets. Of course, for advertisers, Twitter reminds us "Tweets containing native Twitter video generate better engagement and more video views than before" and this should "create a richer and more engaging Twitter".

New to Twitter's advertising program is a cost per view model, so advertisers only have to pay when a user actually plays a video. The beta test is on now, so you might not see these ads right away. Advertisers can hit up their Twitter representative to get on board. End users can grit their teeth and bear it.

Source: Twitter

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Twitter testing video ads on mobile


+ 1. I use Twitteriffic on my iPhone/iPad, and on my Mac I use Firefox with Adblock Plus installed. I like Twitter, but it isn't worth putting up with ads to use.

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Difference is iMore gves me useful news and insightful commentary about topics that are relevant to my interests while Twitter lets me hear about what Maysie Williams had for breakfast.

One of these is not worth seeing ads to use. Take a guess which one. (Hint: Twitter isn't worth seeing ads to use.)

If the ads are too annoying to ignore, then I guess I won't be using Twitter any more. Oh well.

Well seeing as how they have these things called tiered data plans for a lot of people, I doubt they want their data wasted on an ad that most likely has nothing to do or appeal to them.

As nice as the official twitter app looks, I especially love that it uses the official iOS keyboard, my tweetbot app is looking better and better by the day. Official twitter is getting ridiculous.

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