Twitterrific 5.6 lets tweets flow freely with timeline streaming

Twitterrific 5.6 lets your timeline flow freely with timeline streaming

Twitterrific 5.6 has arrived on the App Store, adding some important new features, fixes, and improvements, the most notable of which is timeline streaming. Timeline streaming continuously updates your Twitter timeline while on Wi-Fi, and is enabled by going Twitterrific's settings, and selecting "Stream Timelines on WiFi".

There have also been improvements to list management and direct messages. You can now create and delete lists, add and remove users from lists, and edit list details and privacy settings. Twitterrific 5.6 also has support for viewing images in direct messages. You can't send images directly from Twitterrific, as Twitter has not made that feature accessable to developers at this time. You can also copy discussions from the share menu.

Smaller enhancements have been made as well. Links to Twitter custom timelines now open in Twitterrific's in-app browser. There have also been performance enhancements, including changes to prevent slow-downs over time.

You can download Twitterrific 5.6 from the App Store now.

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Reader comments

Twitterrific 5.6 lets tweets flow freely with timeline streaming


Damn at 99 cents it's almost worth the try but Tweetbot is so amazing I can't seem to pull myself away from it.

Just waiting for that Tweetbot iPad client update for iOS 7. Since I use Twitter on all my Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) I like all my apps to sync. The TB client on iPad needs that iOS 7 love.

While Twitteriffic's Mac client needs updating I might give it a whirl on the iPhone and iPad until the TB's guys get their new iPad version in order.

Tweetbot has some nice gestures and features, overall I think I prefer Twitteriffic to Tweetbot. This new update brings it a little closer to the feature base already supported by Tweetbot. It's all about what you want and need though. I really like the different fonts Twitteriffic has, like Pixel Lover which you unlock by tweeting a specific phrase.

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Twitterific's feature set sounds a lot like Tweetbot's now. $.99?! That is an outstanding price! If I wasn't so invested in Tweetbot... Meh, I might have to check it out anyways - even if just to support a good app developer.

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This is great additions and the app is on sale as well. This is awesome. Thanks for the update.

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